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Inferno Week 8

Hey you guys!!! (Reminded me of the Goonies) anyways, I hope you all had a great week this week! If I didn't email you directly this week, it's nothing personal, but I have had a very busy day. A busy week at that. 

First off, whether it's a street fight or a change of heart, you get to witness so many things as a missionary. There's always one weird experience every now and then that gets you, but I've discovered that I have the opportunity every day to witness and testify of Jesus Christ as my Savior. That is the coolest thing in the world. 
Cool experience!! We stopped by to visit Kyra, our awesome recent Convert who was baptized back in April, and have been trying to get her sister, Gloria, to meet with us for AGES!! We finally caught her when they were both home, so we sat down and talked about God's plan for us and Gloria was so enthusiastic about it all!! It was so cool to see that once she had the desire to learn, her whole countenance began to change. We…

Inferno Week 7

Hello everybody!!! Hope you have all been doing great :) I sure am. Part of that is because for the next 3 days it will be in the high 90's which is quite the break for us!! We have been outside a lot today just enjoying it. You might think I'm crazy, but welcome to my life. 
We are at the time of year that is referred to as 'monsoon season' here in AZ. Basically there is a small dust storm that rolls through and immediately after there is a huge thunderstorm to follow. We hadn't had one until last night! On top of that, instead of there being just a small dust storm, there was a "haboob"!! For you movie fans, if you have seen Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, there is a huge dust storm that looks pretty intense, that is what a haboob is. So we had one of those last night, it was super sweet because there is dust, lightning, rain all at the same time. I loved it. 
This week has been full of some great experiences and some not so great, the whole spectrum.…

Inferno Week 6

Hey everyone!! Another pretty crazy week here in Phoenix, but another great one! :) I don't have a lot of time today so you'll have to bear with me, but there are a lot of good things going here too. Here we go!!
First, I finally have a set-in-stone companion for the next 6 weeks!! His name is Elder Gardea. He is originally from Mexico but his family now lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, so that is pretty awesome. He was baptized into the church two years ago and his mom actually just got baptized a month ago!! So that is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. He has such a strong testimony and a great love for the scriptures, so we get along super well. :)
The best experience from this week was on Saturday, we went to teach an investigator named Barbara, who has been hard to catch and has had lots of concerns. We set some hardcore expectations with her and taught her about the Restoration, and it was one of the most spiritual experiences I have had!! She was super engaged, had t…

Inferno Week #5

What a week. Crazy stuff was happening all week, I don't even know where to start. But I have to start somewhere. 

So, since the last time I have emailed, I have had 4 different companions, covered 2 areas, and had 3 conversations with people in French. How does that make sense?/ Buckle up. 
Elder Francis, my companion for the last few months, got a call on Tuesday night to become the new assistant to our mission president, so he packed up that night and left Wednesday morning. I was absorbed into a Spanish companionship for a day and a half, and you know how fluent I am in Spanish, so that was an adventure. Then on Thursday we drove to our mission home in Tempe to pick up my new companion, Elder Saulle, who is actually from France!!! He has a pretty awesome accent, and is headed home in a few weeks so they brought him closer to the mission home to make things easier. However, I was only with him until this afternoon, so now I do not have a companion until Wednesday, so I basically …