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A Great Time to Be Alive!

Hello everyone! :) It was so great to hear from all of you this week. Seems like Thanksgiving week went really well for all of you, just make sure to hit the gym to work off all that pie, am I right? ;) Anyways, I hope the holiday weekend went awesome for all of you! It went really well for me, too :) Here we go, this is the week for ya :) 
Monday - Played racquetball and taught Elder Harris how to play football for district p-day, it was tons of fun. Had a great lesson with the Beebe's and talked to Jesus (not Christ, someone we are teaching, just thought I should clear that up) a little more about prophets. He is still concerned about that, and we are working hard with him on it. Keep him in your prayers. 
Tuesday - Had district meeting, all we talked about was finding. It was interesting to hear everyone's ideas about different ways that you can find. I am definitely going to broaden my horizons this next week. Had another lesson with Jesus about prophets again, this one went…

It is NOT Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Hey everybody! So let me start off this week by referring to the subject line of this email. So, it dropped into the 60's on Friday for the first time. And then it went right back up to the 80's. It looks like it will be in the 70's consistently from now on, but I didn't want to get my hopes up. I have officially adjusted to that fast and 80 degrees feels good, so that is a step. A few members have started singing "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas" Which is awesome because I am super pumped for Christmas, don't get me wrong, but it still feels like late August and it is something I am adjusting to still haha. It is very hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already here. Time has been flying by really fast. I have been out nearly 4.5 months. It definitely doesn't feel like that at all. So that is fun. Alright, now to the week.

Monday - We played wiffleball and gatorball (mix of rugby, soccer, and ultimate football) and had …

It Doesn't Feel Like November

What is up everyone!! It was good to hear from you all this week. This week has been a roller coaster, that is for sure. I love this work. It provides some experiences that always seem to blow my mind. It was overall an awesome week for sure!! Here we go:

Monday - We played tennis for p-day, I was so pumped. It felt good to get out there again for the first time on the mission. We had another NERF war with the Beebe's, and I was victorious (3-0). It was sweet.

Tuesday - Election Day!! Exciting huh? Just kidding. We used the evening as a finding activity because EVERYONE was home, and we found about 5 new investigators just by visiting people who normally weren't home. It was awesome!

Wednesday - Trump is going to be president...hmm. Anyways, we had a great lesson with Jacob and went through the baptismal interview questions, and he is so ready and is going to be an awesome member of the church! We also got to talk to Melissa, who was baptized about 8 months ago and went pretty an…

Call Me a Wedding Planner

What is up everybody!! 
So you might be wondering what my caption means so I will start with that this week. So our most progressing investigator is Jacob, and he is going to be baptized in about 3 weeks!! He is super excited and he wanted to be keeping all of the commandments so that he could feel the spirit more, so he and his now-wife Kristen decided to be married and told us they wanted to do it this week! So they told us this on Thursday night, so Elder Harris and I planned a wedding in 24 hours. It was crazy! We did it though. How many people can say that? Maybe more people than I think, but I felt pretty cool. Anyways, Jacob and Kristen are now married and living the law of chastity!! WOOOHOO!!!! Keep the commandments, everyone. They are pretty important, if I do say so myself.
So other than that this week was full of cancellations and some pretty interesting lessons. Tuesday we stopped by Ashley and Alexa who I talked about last week and found out that Ashley's husband was t…

Change is Good!

Hello y'all!! So transfers were this last week, and I remain in Casa Grande but with a new companion! Elder Grigsby got moved to Tempe and is now a zone leader!! My new companion is Elder Harris! He is super cool. He has been out about 13 months and is really upbeat, funny, and loves to work hard, which is a nice quality to have as a missionary. It was a little stressful to know that I am leading out this area, but it has gone well so far and the Lord has definitely helped me.

So to start off this last week, the old house crew got permission to go indoor skydiving. It was AWESOME!! We even got free dvd's and t-shirts. I want to do the real thing but apparently it might be dangerous so as missionaries we can't do it. ;) Anyways, that was one of the highlights of this week. 

Overall, this week was a little more difficult than normal. We had A LOT of cancellations, which is normal, but there were definitely more than usual. Also, Elder Harris knows nothing about this area so I …