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Merry Christmas!

Just realized I didn't even make a new title for last weeks email....awkward. Anyways, this week was great! Christmas and everything. Christmas is pretty great. I hope you all had a great Christmas and remembered Christ!!!

Monday - went to the park for district p-day and played soccer! Not my strong suit but it was lots of fun! Had a lesson with the Bushnell's and the Beebe's, they are so awesome. Other than that we just went shopping and stuff.
Tuesday - had zone Meeting, went to a party with Maggie and Jesus, two investigators, and it was really cool! There was lots of food (they gave us all the leftovers) and we ended up getting three referrals for people in other areas, but the people there were so nice and ready for the gospel! That was really cool. Went on splits with Brother Gallup, he is a boss and we talked about missions in the car and didn't have much success stopping by people, but it was still good.
Wednesday - went to a less active family's house and tau…

Merry Christmas!

Hey all! Hope you had a good week! :) This week flew by for me. Probably because we basically had two days off. Christmas Conference was awesome. I'll talk more about it later. I don't have my journal so this will be a little shorter.
Monday - found out we had to do a Zone skit for Christmas Conference. Two sisters took over and wanted to do a rap. We didn't know much about it so the organization was not good. It would prove to be fatal. Played some frisbee because the basketball hoops were up and we need a key to put them down 😒. Spent the night finding and had a great lesson with the Beebe's.
Tuesday - had a district meeting on using family history. Elder Harris did a good job. We implemented that a lot this week. Had a bomb lesson with Jesus who is doing awesome, Skye had her baptismal interview and is good to go this Thursday! We are pumped.
Wednesday - Christmas Conference Day 1!!! We went to South Mountain Park in Phoenix and played games like basketball, spike bal…

A Week to Remember!

Hello everybody! So transfers happened, and Elder Harris and I are both staying here in CG! I'll have been here for about 6 months by the time this transfer ends...pretty crazy. But I am very relieved to stay. You will see why ;) Here is the rundown:

Monday - didn't really go shopping because of transfers, so we played frisbee in the gym for a while, that was pretty fun. Elder Cleveland found out he was headed out of Arizona City so he was pretty sad, we tried to cheer him up. Didn't have any lessons so we spent our evening visiting some former investigators.

Tuesday - Found out Elder Harris and I were staying! Elder Harris was called as a district leader! Woo! Pretty exciting for him. We had a great lesson with Maggie, and she accepted a date of January 14th to be baptized! We gave her a blessing to help with her illness and afterwards she said that during the blessing she felt healed and knew that she wanted to be a part of the church. That was awesome.

Wednesday - Elder Sc…

Slow Down, Speed Racer!

The topic line for my email today is simply referring to how fast this transfer went by. Man oh man, did it fly. It feels like Elder Harris and I just started working together a few days ago, but it has been 6 whole weeks since I found out Elder Grigsby was leaving. Crazy crazy!! It was still a pretty awesome week though! Here we go:
Monday: For our zone activity we played mafia, it was alright, but more important news is that it now is in the 50's in the evenings, so I had to get a sweater!  Crazy, right? I bet you are pretty darn cold up there but I climatized to this climate faster than expected, so I was cold. It's been like that all week, too. Good stuff. Both our lessons fell through, so we spent the night finding through part members and stuff. 
Tuesday - Crazy day! Had interviews with President and Sister Christensen, and those went really well. Elder Cundick went up to the mission home and flew out to India, so that was kinda sad, and Elder Cleveland came back with E…