Slow Down, Speed Racer!

Me wearing Elder Cleveland's Converse

The topic line for my email today is simply referring to how fast this transfer went by. Man oh man, did it fly. It feels like Elder Harris and I just started working together a few days ago, but it has been 6 whole weeks since I found out Elder Grigsby was leaving. Crazy crazy!! It was still a pretty awesome week though! Here we go:

Monday: For our zone activity we played mafia, it was alright, but more important news is that it now is in the 50's in the evenings, so I had to get a sweater!  Crazy, right? I bet you are pretty darn cold up there but I climatized to this climate faster than expected, so I was cold. It's been like that all week, too. Good stuff. Both our lessons fell through, so we spent the night finding through part members and stuff. 

Tuesday - Crazy day! Had interviews with President and Sister Christensen, and those went really well. Elder Cundick went up to the mission home and flew out to India, so that was kinda sad, and Elder Cleveland came back with Elder Scott, who is awesome and is just finishing being trained. #StillNotTheYoungestInOurHouse. Maggie had surgery and wasn't able to meet because she wasn't feeling well, so we spent more time finding. Again had all lessons fall through.

Wednesday -  Had district meeting on the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion, and it was really good. I learned a lot about helping my investigators recognize the spirit better, and we had a few crazy role plays we did that were really helpful. Had a lesson with a less active family who is doing really well in coming back, and want to go to the temple to be sealed as an eternal family. Had a lesson with Scott and Barbara who are now on date for the week after Christmas, and it went really well! Taught Skye, a 9-year old investigator, and put her on date for the 22nd of December

Thursday - had about half of our lessons cancel, but had a great lesson with a less-active named Katie, who is doing well but has lots of concerns about prayer, so we spent lots of time answering her questions and it ended up being really effective. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch, I love wings. So much. 

Friday - We met a guy named "Hulk" who came up to us on the street and told us he was a government agent and told us not to trust anyone and kept walking. Then he turned around and asked us if we understand his language and who he was and we said sure, but in reality we were both really confused. It was pretty funny though. Sister Spencer took us to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner (her choice, not ours) and again, those wings are so, so good. 

Saturday - did family history with Jacob and Kristen to get them ready for the temple, so that was really good. Went to the Casa Grande Electric Light Parade for our dinner with the Evans, and it was lots of fun to spend time with them. This parade is THE THING here in CG, so it was pretty awesome to see how all-out everyone went. 

Sunday - Scott and Barbara came to church for the first time! They really enjoyed it and were only able to stay for sacrament meeting, but it was still great that they were able to come. Lots of our investigators were having personal issues so we didnt have a few people at church that normally would be there, so that was odd, but it was still really good. We went to the Evans for dinner again and that was great! We were supposed to go to the Men's Christmas Lights with an investigator but they cancelled, so we spent the next four hours finding, since we could only watch the Christmas devotional with an investigator. I will watch it tonight though.

Dinner at the Evans' house!
There is the week! Pretty awesome, pretty normal! Thank you all for your support and encouragement! Keep being awesome! Love you all! 

Elder Barlow


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