A Week to Remember!

Elder Cleveland and I 'Murica-into it up!
Hello everybody! So transfers happened, and Elder Harris and I are both staying here in CG! I'll have been here for about 6 months by the time this transfer ends...pretty crazy. But I am very relieved to stay. You will see why ;) Here is the rundown:

Monday - didn't really go shopping because of transfers, so we played frisbee in the gym for a while, that was pretty fun. Elder Cleveland found out he was headed out of Arizona City so he was pretty sad, we tried to cheer him up. Didn't have any lessons so we spent our evening visiting some former investigators.

Tuesday - Found out Elder Harris and I were staying! Elder Harris was called as a district leader! Woo! Pretty exciting for him. We had a great lesson with Maggie, and she accepted a date of January 14th to be baptized! We gave her a blessing to help with her illness and afterwards she said that during the blessing she felt healed and knew that she wanted to be a part of the church. That was awesome.

Our Zone during this transfer.
Wednesday - Elder Scott spent the morning with us while Elder Cleveland went up for transfers. He ended up being called to be a Zone Leader in Maricopa, which he was pretty happy about! I met an Odinist (believes in Thor and stuff) and had a very interesting conversation. I spent the whole time wondering if he was a Minnesota Vikings fan. Never found out. Met a very nice former investigator named Virginia, and she was very happy to see us. Set up a return appointment. All lessons cancelled.

Thursday - Had a Skype lesson with Jacob and Kristen at their fellowshipper's house! Kristen felt a little lonely. They live in the middle of nowhere and have transportation issues, so they have felt a bit isolated lately. We are trying to find members that would be able to give them rides. Jacob is still doing great. Jesus told us he had a dream this last week where an angel came to him, opened up a scroll, and told him that Thomas S. Monson is the Lord's prophet on the earth. He prayed about the dream and felt that it was true. So he now has a testimony that Thomas S. Monson is the Lord's prophet. #miracles!!! A 9-year old we are teaching, Hannah, accepted a baptismal date of January 14th, and is doing really well! Had a great correlation meeting with Brother Mejia.

Friday - We went to Stanfield three times in one day. In my previous 4 months here, I had only been twice. Elder Harris kept feeling prompted to go back and we didn't get much from it, kind of a frustrating day. Heard a pretty crazy misconception where apparently some people think all Mormon temples are connected by tunnels that go to the center of the Earth, where we all meet up and play nude volleyball....hmm....I had to try very hard to keep my composure at that moment. To all my non-mormon friends, this is not true. 

Saturday - had Stake Conference! This is when several congregations get together for a meeting held twice each year to hear from local leaders and members. Sister Evans was asked to share her conversion story! She was super nervous but she did such a good job. President Christensen came and spoke as well! Then Elder Valeri Cordon, a member of the First Quorum of Seventy, spoke to us about service and obtaining Christlike attributes. It was really good.

Sunday - Stake Conference round 2! Scott and Barbara came with us, they are progressing well towards their date of January 7th! Jesus was also there. Taught Skye the baptismal interview questions, she has her interview tomorrow. That was about it.

Pretty crazy week, really different, but it was really good. Work is the key to happiness. It is an eternal principle. I love this work. It brings me so much joy. The gospel of Jesus Christ is real and true. I hope all of you have a great week!

Elder Barlow

Christmas with the family!
 P.S. From Kalynne: Please don't think this is all Trevor is getting for Christmas! And I definitely plan on replacing his "tree" with something a little more...green.


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