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The Inferno: The Final Week

Hello everyone! That's right, we are coming up on the last week of what I classify as the inferno. It's been a pretty brutal summer as always, but actually not as bad as it was when I came in last August. I'm definitely becoming more accustomed to extreme heat ALL the time. But September and October will still be 90s and 100s, and once Halloween hits then we get into the good stuff. So next week I'll actually have more exciting subject titles.

Anyways, this week was awesome. We had something called "stake Conference", which basically means all of the congregations in the South Phoenix area met together in one building for two hours to be taught by some leaders of the church. For us, since we are both adults and mission leaders, we had two more two hour meetings on Saturday, and then the normal meeting on Sunday. So 6 hours of church! I LOVED it! 

You may or may not know that we believe that the same organization that Christ established is here on the earth toda…

Inferno Week 10

Again, I have like no time this week, sorry everyone, but life has been busy!! 

This week we had some really cool experiences. But my favorite was just yesterday, we had the chance to fast, which means that we pray for specific blessings for others or ourselves, and then we sacrifice two meals, or 24 hours, without eating or drinking. You read about it in the bible and the Book of Mormon a lot. Usually, fasting is really hard for me to do, since I am a huge lover of food, but this time around I loved it. I had some really big reasons to fast, and as I focused on the purpose of fasting, to be able to help others, it was so cool to feel that my hunger and selfish thoughts were gone for the whole day. It was super cool. Fasting is amazing, it is healthy for you, and it blesses the lives of so many. I have already seen improvement in the things that I fasted for. The gospel of Jesus Christ is true!! 
Probably, one of the coolest things that I have been learning about lately is the importanc…

Inferno Week 12

Hey everyone!! So for those who don't already know, my email got disabled due to some technical difficulties, but I'm BACK!! So I have a lot to tell you. Not really, I forgot quite a bit of it. But there is always some cool stuff to talk about. 

First off, last Sunday, the 13th, the temple that was built in Tucson Arizona was dedicated, so we got to watch it by satellite broadcast. Basically that means that some of the leaders of the church talk about the meaning of the temple and why it is so crucial, and then at the end there is a really cool prayer offered to dedicate the temple. It is a prayer to dedicate it to its true purpose, to help families be together forever!! So that was really awesome. Also, my aunt Cori Peterson was singing in the choir at the session I went to, so I wasn't expecting to see my aunt, but it happened so that was really cool! Good job Aunt Cori!
Also, we have been working with an awesome investigator named Barbara! We started working with her abou…

Inferno Week 9

Hey everyone!! I have about 5 minutes and a lot happened this week, but let me summarize.

So, we had cool opportunities to serve people this week. This picture is after cleaning out a burned-out house. Then, we were in an apartment complex stopping by to visit someone. They weren't home, so we looked around and saw two guys moving furniture, and they actually let us help them!! #miracle. We started helping them and were talking a lot and got to know them. One of them, Edward, had some questions about temples, so we told him about the Mesa Visitors Center and he wants to go with us soon! How cool is that! I love service and helping others! It makes me feel so good!

We also had a baptism for our awesome investigator Collin! He and his family have made a big difference in my life, and the baptism on Saturday was just a reaffirmation of that. It was so much fun, and such a spiritual experience. Witnessing a baptism is such an amazing experience. I am so fortunate to have seen so many am…