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5 Transfers??? What???

Hey everyone!!! So yes, this is the last email of the transfer. It is so hard to believe it has already been over 7 months since I left on my mission...time really just flies on by. We had a great week this week! Let me tell you about it!
The main thing I learned this week was that blessings come if you work hard. That may sounds like a broken record but let me explain. We only have a few investigators that we are able to work with consistently, about 6 to be exact. This week we had to refer two of them to other missionaries. That was hard because we had been working with them for a few weeks. One of them, Keith, moved to downtown Phoenix which isn't too far away but no longer lives in our mission boundaries, so we had to say goodbye to him. And Yakob, our Indonesian friend, aged out of YSA (Young Single Adults Ward) and so he will be attending a family ward. That was hard. But, I was able to see blessings and the hand of God helping us the rest of the week.  We were able to think …

The Love of the Work

Hello everyone!! I hope you all had an awesome week! Mine was indeed pretty fantastic, I won't share it all with you, I will focus more on the main experiences that were great. But there were a lot of them. Here it goes!
So this week, Elder Youngblood got me sick. Good thing missionary work brings blessings, because I decided to push through it and keep working even though I wasn't feeling great. This lasted for about three days, but it was amazing that the times I felt the worst were when I stopped to rest, or back at the apartment at night after the day was done. During the day as I focused on Christ and on the people we are teaching, I pretty much forgot I was feeling terrible. That is possible for all of us. Jesus Christ is there for all of you! All we need to go is remember Him and do what he asks us, and we will see so much strength and joy come into our lives. It is magical. But it is true. Try it, and your life will change.
This week I was able to do two exchanges, one w…


Hey y'all! This has really been a pretty crazy week, I don't even know where to start! Lots of weird stuff going on, but awesome nonetheless! Here we go :)
Monday - pretty busy p-day, just running errands and such. Played a little Risk ,which we are continuing today, and pretty low-key for the most part.
Tuesday - DISTRICT MEETING!! This time I trained on revelation through church attendance, and it went pretty well. The sisters had to leave early, so I was yet again only training Elder Pope and the zone leaders, but hey, it went great! Other than that it was a pretty mediocre day, not much going on. We did go to Cafe Rio for taco Tuesday though...great decision. So glad there is one in my area now. We had a lesson with Kieth, a new investigators who out of the blue called us wanting to meet with missionaries again! Miracles! It was cool, he is a stud, we are starting to work with him more consistently now.
Wednesday - Not much...spent the whole day trying to find some new people…


Hey all you studly folks! This week was pretty awesome. I cannot believe it is already February, especially because it is 80 degrees here, but hey, I am definitely not complaining ;) I do not have my journal so it will be interesting what I remember. Here it goes:

Monday: District p-day! I decided to play board games and ping pong at the institute, which fell through because the sisters couldn't come, so we went to the assistants apartment and played Curses, which was tons of fun. In the evening we had a lesson with two new investigators, Kayvon and Mason (shout out to my little bro), which went pretty well, we haven't been able to talk to them since. They are M.I.A. But they are still super cool!
Tuesday: Zone meeting was moved to Friday, so it was a pretty normal day. We spent the whole day walking around campus and talking with people, which didn't produce any immediate results, but we talked to this guy named Cigg who is Buddhist but started asking us questions about his …