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Hey everybody!! Just so you know, I love MOD pizza, and we got to go today so it has been on my mind haha! :) 

Life is good here in AZ!! We are creeping up on June, which is really weird, but it's all good. :) 

This week was pretty awesome!! We had lots of cool experiences, and Jason is doing great! He is the one who got baptized last week, and he received the priesthood this week, which was a really cool experience! Elder Jacobson got to give that to him, which is super cool and the first time he has been able to do that! 
We did some service this week, which was fun. We went to Feed My Starving Children and I scooped rice for 2 hours so I was feeling pretty ripped afterwards. We also got to help with a move on Saturday, and me and one other guy lifted a piano by ourselves, that was intense. But yeah, life is good. Service is always awesome! You feel so good, and you are helping people! What could be better than that?! Get out in your communities and SERVE!!
The cool experience from …

The Field is White!

Hey everyone! man, this was quite the week! Lots of cool things happened, I learned a lot, and there were lots of good memories made. Let me tell you about them!
First off, our awesome investigator Jason got BAPTIZED on Saturday, and it was amazing!! He had a bunch of his work friends come to support him, and we had multiple lessons with him this week to prepare him. After all of the events of this weekend, he has definitely changed a lot. Part of baptism is receiving the Holy Ghost, which is done by God’s authority, and he said that was his favorite part. When someone receives the Holy Ghost, they also receive a blessing from God. Someone holding the priesthood authority puts their hands on his head with a few others holding that authority, and speaks and blesses them with some awesome gifts. He said that was his favorite part for sure. 
Something else that was fun this week, we did exchanges with our awesome zone leaders, and I went with Elder Tucker. Some of you may remember a few mo…

I Don't Know About You...

I don't know about you, but I’m feeling 22. Pretty crazy stuff, I hit 22 months this week, I can’t believe it!!! Time is the weirdest thing. Anyways, this week was awesome, and I am very tired today but hopefully I can crank out some good stuff!! 

This week was full of lots of explaining, helping Elder Jacobson to get the hang of the mission life, and he is doing a great job. He is willing to try new things and get out of his comfort zone, which is very important out here, haha! We have had a good time. Every time I ask him to try something new, he makes the kind of face when there are fingernails running down a chalkboard, and through gritted teeth says “sure”. It is hilarious, and he always does an awesome job! :) It has been really cool because he definitely reminds me of me when I first got to Arizona.
We have this awesome investigator Jason, and he is getting BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY!!! So exciting. He has some family members who are in the church, and just started meeting with m…

(Enter Subject Here) aka Solo No More

Sorry everyone, I didn’t have the creativity for a subject title this week, but life is good! My companion made it, so I am solo no more! His name is Elder Jacobson, and he is from Kaysville, Utah! He is awesome! He actually did fencing (the cool sword fighting thing) in high school, which is much cooler than anything I’ve ever done, except tennis because tennis rules all. But yeah, he made it here on Saturday and things have been awesome! 
Cool experience from this week: We were having a cool conversation with our investigator Jason, who is on date for baptism next weekend! He has lots of really good questions, and we were able to answer every single one of them with Book of Mormon scriptures!!! That is pretty awesome. The Book of Mormon has so much power in it, and no matter what your questions are, you can find your answers in the Book of Mormon and the Bible. Try it out!
For p-day today we had a good time at the Mesa College Institute, with the whole zone as well! It was a party. We…