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Busiest Sunday of My Life!

Hello everybody!! So I am not going to be able to put as much in this email today, but it is for a good cause. We are going indoor skydiving in a few minutes so that will be a party. Anyways, this week was awesome!!

So the biggest thing that happened this week was Will Bushnell's baptism!!! He is such a legend. When we first met him, he opened the door and had 6 piercings and double-gauged ears. Yet he was the most receptive person and most humble and awesome person I have ever met. Such a beast. He hasn't worn his gauges or piercing in about two weeks, and we never even talked to him about it!! He is a legend, the baptism was awesome. The prep for it? Stressful. Our entire bishopric ended up being out of town, our ward mission leader is pretty much less active and never responds to our calls, and even the state presidency was unavailable. So we ended up having Brother Dreyer, the
elders quorum president preside, conduct, be a witness, and give a talk on the Holy Ghost. Elder Gr…


Hello everyone!! Good to hear from you all this week. Sounds like it is cooling down quick up there. It isn't too much down here. Still in the 80's but I am pretty used to it by now. I am a little short on time but I have some good stuff to share with you this week!!

So I found out this week that I talk in my sleep a lot...Elder Grigsby waited to tell me that until recently. So that was cool to hear. Sunday nights we have a slumber Sunday, where we pull out our mattresses into the living room and all sleep out there. Elder Cleveland told me I literally taught the restoration in my sleep. #LetsGo!!! That was super funny to hear about. I guess I am learning the doctrine pretty well. ;)
This week we got some new cool investigators. One is named Victor. He is a big dude who recently served a 10.5 year sentence in prison, so he is a thug but is super cool! He likes us a lot and we had a great lesson with him and he is reading the Book of Mormon this week in prep for our next lesson. …

Zone Conference, Exchanges, & Baptisms

What is up everyone!!!! I am so glad to be able to send an email to you today. It was a different week for sure. We had some good stuff, some bad stuff, but overall it was a great one. I don't have a ton of time so it will be a brief summary. 
So, here it goes. We had Zone Conference on Tuesday, and that was really cool! It was ALL centered on the Book of Mormon, and I learned bunches about how to use that better in our work. I got to see Elder Day again, my MTC companion. He is doing super well.We had the conference with the Maricopa Zone, so that was cool. Anyways, President gave us a challenge to read the Book of Mormon cover-to-cover by Christmas highlighting every reference to Christ, which is a tall task. We don't have time for much during the day, and we have to read about 6 pages from the Book of Mormon each day to stay on track. It is tough but it helps so much seeing how everything is so centered on Christ. I am almost in 2 Nephi. 
We went on exchanges on Wednesday, an…

No Pics (Title by Mom)

Hello there everybody!! This week was a doozey. I was so touched by all the conference talks that were given. They gave me so much to improve on and ways that I can change and ways to help others, ugh! It was just so awesome. I hope you all got something out of it. Heavenly Father puts something specific in each General Conference for each of us. 
So this week didn't have too many noteworthy things other than conference of course. We met this cool guy Joel, he is 17 I think, and he saw us on the street, took his headphones off and came up and started talking to us. That is the best feeling. So yeah, we meet with him on Thursday, so I am pretty stoked for that. Another cool thing was Sister Evans messaged us yesterday saying she had wept during conference and was so touched by the messages. They had a rough week this week, but they are so awesome. She also told us we were "ambitious in Christ" #LDSConf a.k.a. the best compliment ever given. It was awesome. Kristina (someon…