Busiest Sunday of My Life!

We scored some sombreros! 'ole
 Hello everybody!! So I am not going to be able to put as much in this email today, but it is for a good cause. We are going indoor skydiving in a few minutes so that will be a party. Anyways, this week was awesome!!

So the biggest thing that happened this week was Will Bushnell's baptism!!! He is such a legend. When we first met him, he opened the door and had 6 piercings and double-gauged ears. Yet he was the most receptive person and most humble and awesome person I have ever met. Such a beast. He hasn't worn his gauges or piercing in about two weeks, and we never even talked to him about it!! He is a legend, the baptism was awesome. The prep for it? Stressful. Our entire bishopric ended up being out of town, our ward mission leader is pretty much less active and never responds to our calls, and even the state presidency was unavailable. So we ended up having Brother Dreyer, the
elders quorum president preside, conduct, be a witness, and give a talk on the Holy Ghost. Elder Grigsby did the baptism. I led the music, gave a talk on baptism, was the other witness, showed the
restoration video and bore testimony while Will and Elder Grigsby were changing, and did the confirmation yesterday. So it was pretty nuts. I felt pretty accomplished afterward though. It was such a spiritual experience. There were tons of investigators there that came with the other missionaries in the zone, and they all loved it.

Will at his baptism!
Sunday was also a madhouse. We had 5 lessons, gave talks in sacrament meeting, taught gospel principles, and yeah we had no time for anything. It was absolutely crazy. A few lessons ended up falling through, but it was still busy and we felt very tired last night. That is pretty much the exciting stuff from this week. My sacrament talk was on what I have learned on my mission, and it was hard to pick things. You don't realize how much you are learning until you sit down and really think about it. It is crazy what you can learn if you work, listen, and commit to act. I will send the outline for my talk with my pictures!! Funny story though. We had dinner last night with the Mitchell family. Brother Mitchell is a counselor in the bishopric and he told us that a few days earlier he talked to the bishop and said: "Bishop, I had a nightmare. The Elders both went AP and left the area. I don't know what we are going to do." It was hilarious. Apparently the ward likes us, which is a big deal on the mission.

I know that Christ is my Savior. He has helped me on this path so far and will definitely be by my side if I choose to follow Him. It is time for transfers this week and I am not sure what the future holds for me, but I know that whatever happens is what is best for me and for the area I serve in. I love Casa Grande. I love this ward. I love my man Elder Grigsby. Change will come and I will just adapt and rely on the Lord to help me. He will do the same for anyone who puts their trust in him. I love you all. Stay awesome!!

Elder Barlow



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