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Party in the YSA!

Happy Monday everybody! It’s been quite the week, and pretty much nothing is the same as it was 7 days ago. Let me walk you through some of the changes:
I am no longer in the South Mountain Ward! After 7 months, it was time for me to head elsewhere, so now I am serving in the Towne Lake YSA ward, which is a pretty good chunk of Tempe and West Mesa. It’s pretty intense. I am still a zone leader, but over a lot more missionaries than before. They reduced the number of zones from 9 to 6, which means the zones are now a lot bigger, so we went from being over 18 missionaries to 34! Quite the jump if you ask me. So yeah, pretty intense. My companion is Elder Morgan from Layton, Utah! He has been on his mission for about 10 months and is a baller. We are very similar, like creepily similar, so it’s going to be a party. #PartyInTheYSA.
Anyways, with all of this change, probably the thing that has been on my mind the most is how important it is to trust. There is a saying from one of the leaders…

Temples and Transfers

Hey everybody!!! Man, has time been flying! I feel like I just sent out my last email...let's see what I can give you this week. 

Best experience this week was on Saturday for sure. If you have been diligent in reading my emails for the last year you will remember that last October there was an awesome young man in Casa Grande named Gonzalo who got baptized, and this weekend his mom actually got baptized, and Gonzalo baptized her! I got permission to go, so for the first time in over 9 months I was back in Casa Grande! It was a really cool baptism, Gonzalo was pretty nervous but it was really powerful to see their family come together in celebration of Nancy's choice. It was a really cool moment. It is awesome how God works through families, and that is where we find our greatest joy. 
I also was able to go on two different exchanges this week, we had our MLC and normally we would have a meeting with the zone to train them on what we learned. But now it is the District Leaders&#…

Somebody's Watching Me...

Hello everyone, and Happy Halloween to you all!! We had our p-day moved to today since we have be inside at 6 anyways because no one takes us seriously on Halloween. But we also get to go to the Mesa temple as well, which is super awesome. Love the temple so much. This week was really fantastic for many reasons, but I'll maybe share just a few of those experiences with you. 

First off, I was able to attend the temple on Saturday with the Bushnell's, who I taught in Casa Grande a year ago. They were able to go through the temple for the first time and being able to be there was one of the coolest things ever. Being able to see both of them go to the temple together was amazing, and there was a powerful spirit. Sister Bushnell, after going through, came and told Elder Grigsby and I, "You tell your mothers that this was worth it, okay?!?" It was really funny, but it is so true. We tell people about our mission experience and they are amazed at all that we sacrifice, but …

The Floodgates Open...

Hello everyone!! I have about 6 minutes today, so you will be getting a crash course of what has happened, but it will be awesome.

I had an amazing opportunity to attend the temple with the Evans' family this week, who is a family that I taught over a year ago in Casa Grande. They were able enter the temple and be sealed together forever this week. It was the coolest experience I have ever had. I cried when I saw their two little girls walk in dressed in white, and I knew and felt how important that event was for them. They have come so far to get here and the joy on their faces was something I will never forget.  I am so grateful I was a part of it. I love them so much and will always have a strong connection with them after seeing them grow and progress. 
We also had a baptism this week for Annalisa, an 11-year old girl who has one of the strongest testimonies I have ever heard! She was baptized and confirmed as a member of the church on Saturday, and all of her family members wer…

White October

Hey there all of my favorite people!! I hope this week was the greatest week of all time, because it definitely was for me. So many cool experiences and good things to share with you. Where do I even start? We gotta start somewhere. 

First off, I am so grateful to be in the South Phoenix area for a 5th transfer. That is usually above average for a missionary, you usually stay in an area from 2-4 transfers, so I was interested to see what would happen this transfer and so far it has been miracle after miracle. I had a really cool opportunity this weekend to baptize one of our investigators named Lucia, who is such an awesome person. She had been taught by missionaries for 5 years, ad finally in August she decided that she needed this in her life. At the end of the baptism service, she got up and shared her story with all of us, and it was so powerful to hear the hard things she had gone through to get to where she is today. When I first got into the area, the first interaction I had wit…

The Good, The Better & GENERAL CONFERENCE!

Hey everyone! It has been a pretty crazy week, so many good things, we had transfers and about half of the zone actually changed, so it was a pretty crazy transfer day. We were coordinating rides, car switches, missing tablets, de-activated phones, we had it all. Due to the hurricanes destroying Puerto Rico, actually we have two missionaries re-assigned from the Puerto Rico Mission! They're names are Elder Marte and Elder Rogers, one from the Dominican Republic and one from Canada. They are awesome!

We have a baptism coming up for Lucia and Nelson this weekend, so we are super excited!! Lots of good things coming!!

There was an experience that I wanted to share with you! Last night we had a cool experience with an investigator family! The parents, Heather and Ryan, called us to ask for help in moving, and so we helped them move a few weeks prior to this lesson. They never seemed super interested in the gospel. They were fully committed to attending another church in Mesa, a good 30 …

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Hello everyone!!! I hope you know that there is so much good in this world. Yes, there are definitely many bad things that are happening, but just know that the good will always outweigh the bad. And that is still the case today.

We had a great week this week! I had a cool exchange with Elder Wright from Provo, Utah, and we were in his area, which is in a city known as Laveen, AZ. We had this really cool lesson there with a lady named Jessica. She recently lost two of her children through tragic accidents, and she has been feeling lots of pain in her life. We decided to teach her more about Jesus Christ, and the sacrifice that he made for all of us.  It was really cool to see that the better she understood the things that Christ experienced, the more positive she was, and the more peace she felt. She is now progressing towards baptism at the end of October. The life of Christ has the power to change lives and overcome personal obstacles.

We had some really unfortunate circumstances in o…


Hello everyone! Thank you  all for the birthday wishes, it feels pretty good to say that I am no longer a teenager. But it's also not the best because I don't have any excuses to be immature. ;) Anyway, we had a great week. Let me tell you about it.

We had a great meeting this week with two leaders of the church, Elder L. Whitney Clayton and Elder Gregory Schwitzer. They came on Saturday and shared some great thoughts with us on the importance of the commandments and the scriptures. It was really cool to see such wise leaders who have such amazing understanding of the gospel open up the scriptures and teach from them. I loved that. My attention was really drawn to Matthew 18 in the Bible, where Christ talks about the lost sheep. I love how he says that those who are lost, when they return, his joy is greater than all the 99 that stayed with him. I love that, it shows how much he cares and loves each one of us. I know he does.

I went on an exchange with Elder McFarlane from Bosto…

Time is Like a Box of Chocolates...Wait...

Hey everyone!! I hope you all had an awesome week. This week has been great for this fella right here. I love being a missionary, if I do say so myself. It's quite the experience. The good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between, you definitely get a little bit of everything out here, and it's the greatest, because every single experience teaches you something different. I had a few of those this week I wanted to share.

On Friday we went on exchanges with the Assistants to the President, and I went into the Northwest Mesa area for the day and it was awesome. I went with Elder Bonilha, who is actually from Sau Paulo, Brazil. He is the funniest man on the planet. We had a blast, we found a few new people to teach and were so busy we nearly didn't have time to eat at all! It was cool. Don't worry, we didn't starve.  We had this cool lesson with a lady named Angela from Columbia, and she was the sweetest, nicest person in the world. Funny part of the story, I gues…

What's Love Got to Do With It?

Hope you like the line from a classic oldies song, and trust me, just because the subject title doesn't say inferno doesn't mean it isn't hot anymore. We are still in triple digits. We are out of the worst of it though. Summer #2 is taken down!! I guess I'm a pro now. Anyways, I hope you all had a great week! This week was pretty crazy. It always is.

So, we were supposed to have a baptism this weekend for our investigator Lucia, but she had a baby on Tuesday, so that made that a little difficult! It was cool though, because she still had such a strong desire to be baptized as soon as possible!! She is the coolest person and has a very strong testimony. So, sooner rather than later, we will be having a fantastic baptism!! Love it!

We had a lot of opportunities this week to spontaneously serve others. We had a cool opportunity on Saturday, there was a new family that moved in that needed some help, so we stopped and helped. They had zero friends or family that were willing…

The Inferno: The Final Week

Hello everyone! That's right, we are coming up on the last week of what I classify as the inferno. It's been a pretty brutal summer as always, but actually not as bad as it was when I came in last August. I'm definitely becoming more accustomed to extreme heat ALL the time. But September and October will still be 90s and 100s, and once Halloween hits then we get into the good stuff. So next week I'll actually have more exciting subject titles.

Anyways, this week was awesome. We had something called "stake Conference", which basically means all of the congregations in the South Phoenix area met together in one building for two hours to be taught by some leaders of the church. For us, since we are both adults and mission leaders, we had two more two hour meetings on Saturday, and then the normal meeting on Sunday. So 6 hours of church! I LOVED it! 

You may or may not know that we believe that the same organization that Christ established is here on the earth toda…

Inferno Week 10

Again, I have like no time this week, sorry everyone, but life has been busy!! 

This week we had some really cool experiences. But my favorite was just yesterday, we had the chance to fast, which means that we pray for specific blessings for others or ourselves, and then we sacrifice two meals, or 24 hours, without eating or drinking. You read about it in the bible and the Book of Mormon a lot. Usually, fasting is really hard for me to do, since I am a huge lover of food, but this time around I loved it. I had some really big reasons to fast, and as I focused on the purpose of fasting, to be able to help others, it was so cool to feel that my hunger and selfish thoughts were gone for the whole day. It was super cool. Fasting is amazing, it is healthy for you, and it blesses the lives of so many. I have already seen improvement in the things that I fasted for. The gospel of Jesus Christ is true!! 
Probably, one of the coolest things that I have been learning about lately is the importanc…

Inferno Week 12

Hey everyone!! So for those who don't already know, my email got disabled due to some technical difficulties, but I'm BACK!! So I have a lot to tell you. Not really, I forgot quite a bit of it. But there is always some cool stuff to talk about. 

First off, last Sunday, the 13th, the temple that was built in Tucson Arizona was dedicated, so we got to watch it by satellite broadcast. Basically that means that some of the leaders of the church talk about the meaning of the temple and why it is so crucial, and then at the end there is a really cool prayer offered to dedicate the temple. It is a prayer to dedicate it to its true purpose, to help families be together forever!! So that was really awesome. Also, my aunt Cori Peterson was singing in the choir at the session I went to, so I wasn't expecting to see my aunt, but it happened so that was really cool! Good job Aunt Cori!
Also, we have been working with an awesome investigator named Barbara! We started working with her abou…

Inferno Week 9

Hey everyone!! I have about 5 minutes and a lot happened this week, but let me summarize.

So, we had cool opportunities to serve people this week. This picture is after cleaning out a burned-out house. Then, we were in an apartment complex stopping by to visit someone. They weren't home, so we looked around and saw two guys moving furniture, and they actually let us help them!! #miracle. We started helping them and were talking a lot and got to know them. One of them, Edward, had some questions about temples, so we told him about the Mesa Visitors Center and he wants to go with us soon! How cool is that! I love service and helping others! It makes me feel so good!

We also had a baptism for our awesome investigator Collin! He and his family have made a big difference in my life, and the baptism on Saturday was just a reaffirmation of that. It was so much fun, and such a spiritual experience. Witnessing a baptism is such an amazing experience. I am so fortunate to have seen so many am…

Inferno Week 8

Hey you guys!!! (Reminded me of the Goonies) anyways, I hope you all had a great week this week! If I didn't email you directly this week, it's nothing personal, but I have had a very busy day. A busy week at that. 

First off, whether it's a street fight or a change of heart, you get to witness so many things as a missionary. There's always one weird experience every now and then that gets you, but I've discovered that I have the opportunity every day to witness and testify of Jesus Christ as my Savior. That is the coolest thing in the world. 
Cool experience!! We stopped by to visit Kyra, our awesome recent Convert who was baptized back in April, and have been trying to get her sister, Gloria, to meet with us for AGES!! We finally caught her when they were both home, so we sat down and talked about God's plan for us and Gloria was so enthusiastic about it all!! It was so cool to see that once she had the desire to learn, her whole countenance began to change. We…

Inferno Week 7

Hello everybody!!! Hope you have all been doing great :) I sure am. Part of that is because for the next 3 days it will be in the high 90's which is quite the break for us!! We have been outside a lot today just enjoying it. You might think I'm crazy, but welcome to my life. 
We are at the time of year that is referred to as 'monsoon season' here in AZ. Basically there is a small dust storm that rolls through and immediately after there is a huge thunderstorm to follow. We hadn't had one until last night! On top of that, instead of there being just a small dust storm, there was a "haboob"!! For you movie fans, if you have seen Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, there is a huge dust storm that looks pretty intense, that is what a haboob is. So we had one of those last night, it was super sweet because there is dust, lightning, rain all at the same time. I loved it. 
This week has been full of some great experiences and some not so great, the whole spectrum.…