Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Someone wanted me to sit on his bike for a picture.
I didn't mind.

Hello everyone!!! I hope you know that there is so much good in this 
world. Yes, there are definitely many bad things that are happening, but just know that the good will always outweigh the bad. And that is still the case today.

We had a great week this week! I had a cool exchange with Elder Wright from Provo, Utah, and we were in his area, which is in a city known as Laveen, AZ. We had this really cool lesson there with a lady named Jessica. She recently lost two of her children through tragic accidents, and she has been feeling lots of pain in her life. We decided to teach her more about Jesus Christ, and the sacrifice that he made for all of us.  It was really cool to see that the better she understood the things that Christ experienced, the more positive she was, and the more peace she felt. She is now progressing towards baptism at the end of October. The life of Christ has the power to change lives and overcome personal obstacles.

We had some really unfortunate circumstances in our local congregation. There was an accident that happened that caused lots of contention, lots of uncertainty, and lots of stress. But again, as people remembered the things that Christ experienced for us, and relied on their belief in Him, everything improved.  The issue is still there, but there has been so much progress made. No details to protect those involved, but just know that I KNOW the healing power of Christ and His atonement was shown in so many ways this week.

Good news, to answer the question posed in the subject title (courtesy of the Clash), I am staying for my 5th transfer in the South Mountain Ward, and my third transfer with Elder Gardea!! We are so excited! There are so many great things that are going to happen. We had a great meeting this week.  There had been a lack of focus on the importance of baptism within our zone, so we gave a training on that and since then there are three new people progressing towards baptism within the next month and a half! I know that applying things that we learn, spiritual, educationally, really in any way, there are blessings that come. 

I love this work. I am growing each day and the experiences I have had are preparing me to one day meet our Heavenly Father. I look forward to that day. Have a great week everyone!! I love you!!

Elder Barlow

No words...

Elder Knowlton from Spokane!


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