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Met Some Desert Turtles

Desert Turtles, Princess & Peanuts One of the families we had dinner with have these turtles.
What is up everyone! So good to be able to email all of you :) I can envision all of your smiling faces and you all are looking good ;) Just kidding. This week was pretty awesome. At the beginning of the week, we were looking at the schedule and thought it would be a slow week, but hey, the Lord always provides.

Me and Brother Beebe's sick elk...made me feel like I was at home again.

Notable events for this week, on Saturday we took the E Family to the Mesa Arizona Temple Visitor's Center, which was an awesome experience. They have
a walk through program that talks about God's plan for families, and it was such a
spiritual experience. It made me miss the fam a little bit (Love you Barlow clan ;)) But it was so good for them to feel the spirit. Sister E kept bearing her testimony without being asked and we were just like dang, we could baptize you tonight if you wanted to. But I thin…

One of Those Weeks...Until Yesterday! :)

The sunset was killer after a dust storm this past week.
Alright, everybody. SO I hate it, but there is not as much to write about this week. Most of what you are going to hear happened yesterday. But hey, that is okay because the experiences that I had
are BOMB :)

Alright, so this week was pretty slow for the most part. From Wednesday morning to Friday evening we had taught one lesson and had over 10 cancellations I think. So needless to say we were a bit discouraged. But Elder Grigsby told me that the bad days usually mean that something good is about to happen. And man oh man was he right. But we will get to that. 
I decided to get some of that #flagswag going on last night!
Last week I told you a little about some sisters we are teaching. They are so cool. They made us literally like 20 pounds of
chicken and rice to eat on Tuesday so we haven't gone hungry haha. However, on Saturday we were notified that one of our investigator's baby and fiancĂ©e were in an accident of some ki…

Week 2 In the Books!

Hello world :)

How are all of you? You must be doing awesome because life is so awesome. Look around you. All of us are so lucky to be here on earth and to have everything that we do. We should be so grateful for literally everything. I have seen that this week.
So my week was pretty awesome. Surprisingly, it flew by much faster than I expected. Like it seems like yesterday was like Thursday. So that was pretty cool. Casa Grande is really weirrd. The people are interesting. They like to talk A TON and a lot of the members seem to enjoy talking about deep that is really interesting. It is so HOT down here. It really is. But I am so glad that I have a car to drive around instead of suffering in the heat my first transfer out here. That would make things much more interesting. So yeah. I have had more water in these last 12 days than I have had in the past YEAR. Not even joking. It is pretty crazy. 
So yeah, miracles are real. We are working with an awesome family. They cam…

Hello from Casa Grande!

Hello everyone :) 

First of all, if I don't get a chance to email you this week I apologize. I'm going to have to start a rotation because I only have an hour to email. I can send letters anytime on Mondays so if I don't email you, email me your address, then I can send out some letters! :) I'm sorry if I don't get to you.

So yeah, my area is the good old town of Casa Grande :) it's about an hour from Phoenix, and it's pretty much in the middle of nowhere. But it's still bigger than Post Falls haha. It's really spread out. It's about 65% lower class too, so we have already been to some pretty interesting areas, teaching away. I already love the area and the people in it as well though. It's different but really cool. The first two days I was here we got three monsoons, so that was sweet. The roads looked like whitewater rivers and it looked chaotic, but it's just the norm down here haha. Also, it's only been over 100 degrees 3/5 days s…

Let the Real Work Begin!

Elder Brower & Elder Barlow, friends since first grade.
Love ya, buddy!

Turns out I do get a chance to email before I head down to Tempe tomorrow, so I figured I would give my final report. ;) The MTC experience will be one that I will forever remember. It was something that helped me grow into a totally different person than I was 19 days ago. It's pretty crazy that tomorrow I will be experiencing something brand new again!! I am super pumped to find out who my trainer will be, meet my mission president, and everything else I will be doing these next few days. 

This week was pretty cool. One of our investigators, Rodrigo, was struck hard by Alma 60:13, which talks about why bad things happen. That was the scripture that converted his heart and led to his acceptance of the baptismal invitation and wanting to share his newfound testimony with his wife back in Chile! So that was really cool. Last night at the devotional Brother Allen, the director of the Mission…