Week 2 In the Books!

Hello world :)

How are all of you? You must be doing awesome because life is so awesome. Look around you. All of us are so lucky to be here on earth and to have everything that we do. We should be so grateful for literally everything. I have seen that this week.

So my week was pretty awesome. Surprisingly, it flew by much faster than I expected. Like it seems like yesterday was like Thursday. So that was pretty cool. Casa Grande is really weirrd. The people are interesting. They like to talk A TON and a lot of the members seem to enjoy talking about deep doctrine...so that is really interesting. It is so HOT down here. It really is. But I am so glad that I have a car to drive around instead of suffering in the heat my first transfer out here. That would make things much more interesting. So yeah. I have had more water in these last 12 days than I have had in the past YEAR. Not even joking. It is pretty crazy. 

So yeah, miracles are real. We are working with an awesome family. They came to a baptism with us on Saturday and really seemed to enjoy it. The wife is ready to be baptized, but she is a little afraid to set a date. But this week we are planning on extending a date so she can receive those blessings. Our other progressing investigators are J and J, they are sisters, and J is on date for September 13th, but she needs to get work out getting married first, so it will probably end up being later than that. Her sister J was SUPER SHY the first time we met, but now she had opened up and asks us questions over facebook throughout the week and is reading the Book of Mormon, so that is looking pretty good. Pray for them! My comp and I got to give three blessings this week which was super cool. I was the voice for two of them, but the first one a little boy kept putting stickers on my arms the whole time and the second one the lady's phone went off in the middle of it. Satan will do anything to distract from the Spirit. But we pushed through and all three of them were really awesome experiences. There's this family that we met this week and they have had TRIALS, man. He just beat terminal lung cancer (and brings that up every chance he gets), but his wife was just diagnosed with breast cancer. They have two of the sweetest girls I have ever met, so we are doing anything we can to help them. They are so humble and awesome. He isn't a member so we are trying to get him to church next week.

The gospel is true. Thank you all for our prayers, support, and for just being so awesome! You are all my favorite people. I love you all. Stay awesome. Let me know how y'all are doing.

Elder Barlow 😎

P.S. The picture above is of all the new missionaries going to the Mesa Arizona Temple. I get to go to the temple again this Thursday...the temple is legit!

Me ballin' hard!

An insect bite that makes my face look weird!


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