the MOD life=the good life
Hey everybody!! Just so you know, I love MOD pizza, and we got to go today so it has been on my mind haha! :) 

Life is good here in AZ!! We are creeping up on June, which is really weird, but it's all good. :) 

This week was pretty awesome!! We had lots of cool experiences, and Jason is doing great! He is the one who got baptized last week, and he received the priesthood this week, which was a really cool experience! Elder Jacobson got to give that to him, which is super cool and the first time he has been able to do that! 

We did some service this week, which was fun. We went to Feed My Starving Children and I scooped rice for 2 hours so I was feeling pretty ripped afterwards. We also got to help with a move on Saturday, and me and one other guy lifted a piano by ourselves, that was intense. But yeah, life is good. Service is always awesome! You feel so good, and you are helping people! What could be better than that?! Get out in your communities and SERVE!!

The cool experience from the week: we were leaving from a dinner appointment and drove past this park, and there was this lady sitting out in the grass by herself, and for some reason we felt pretty strongly to go talk to her.  So, we parked and ended up talking with her for about 30 minutes. She has been through a lot, and as we shared our testimonies with her, it was pretty cool to see that she felt that someone was watching out for her. I am glad to be able to be a missionary and participate in moments like that. 

Love you all! Life is great, God is good, and he loves us all! Have a great week! 

We found a quick way to dry our dishes...


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