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Throwback Thursday

Hey everybody!! This week was pretty busy. We were actually out of our area a lot due to exchanges and we gave a number of trainings this week, but here is one thing I'll share that was awesome from this last week!
Thursday, we did an exchange and I went with the one and only....Elder Grigsby! For those who don’t remember he was my first mission companion, in other words my “trainer”. It was a ball, we had tons of fun and it was a blast to the past for sure. We met with a number of people who were recently baptized in the last few months, and then we had a lesson with a guy named Richard, who has been looking in to the church for the last few weeks. We had a really cool lesson with him, the first question he asked us was, “Can I learn more about this whole baptism thing?” Our eyes lit up, we taught him about baptism, and he is now moving towards getting baptized at the beginning of March! Such a cool guy, and it was a cool experience to be back with Elder Grigsby again, we needed t…

Going, Going, Gone!

I honestly am still in awe that 2018 is already here, so hence the subject title, 2017 came and went like none other. So many amazing memories, it is a year for the record books in my solid 20 years of life.  Cheers to a new year. 
This week was AWESOME!! Adrian got baptized, which was one of the coolest things ever. So much to talk about, but the coolest thing is that Adrian does not cry very often. In the last week he has cried three times!! It isn’t a bad cry, but a cry of joy, because he has told us over and over again that this is the greatest decision he has ever made in his life. That is a bold things to say, but we can see it in his eyes. He is such an example to me. He lives in a house with 33 other members of the church and 1 person named Josh, who Adrian shared the Book of Mormon with yesterday and he committed to read it. It is going to be a good time. I know that the more that we seek joy in our lives, the greater desire we will have to help and …

A Year of Opportunity

Hey everyone! Just so you know, this will be a short one. I had quite a few more tasks to take care of than usual, so if I wasn't able to respond to you, just know it is nothing personal! 

Coolest experience this week: yesterday Adrian received the priesthood, which we believe is the power to act in God's name here on the earth. He asked me to give that authority to him, which was a really cool experience. The coolest part was he talked about how he felt a sudden change in his love for others, and he has set personal goals to love others and be more kind in his everyday life. I think all of us could do well to do that same thing! 
Probably the weirdest experience of the week, someone contacted us about helping them move down the street, so we went over to help. We knocked on the door, and someone we didn't recognize answered. They asked what was up, we told them, they then said that the person we were looking for had stolen all of her stuff and moved it out of the apartment.…