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Not Feeling the Title Today...

Hey everyone. Depending on how well you know me, I am not the most creative person on the planet. So I chose not to put a meaningful subject title on this time. If you hate that, my apologies. Anyways, the week was great! Lots of fun experiences, many things happening, and the weather has been awesome. Here we go.
So in order for someone to be baptized into the church, he must go through something called a baptismal interview, which is where a missionary or another church leader asks some questions to the individual being baptized. It is just to see what they have learned and how they came to know that the teaching of the gospel are true. So I got to do my second one this week, I don't know if i mentioned the first one. This one was with Riley, one of the investigators for the Assistants to the President. I love baptismal interviews. Getting to know the individual and hearing their testimony is so cool. It helps me to strengthen my testimony and think about the basic things that we…

Left turns? Who needs them?

Hello everyone!!! This week was interesting and awesome. We had zone conference this week and it was great. We learned lots about commitments, lots about the importance of leaving behind our "golden calf" that we might have in our own lives. Those are things that might be holding us back from being exactly obedient to Gods commandments!! So, do you have any golden calves in your life? if you do, get rid of them and see the difference that it makes :) 
We also learned that there have been lots of car accidents in the mission, namely turning left at intersections with traffic lights, so there is a new rule in the mission: no more left turns at traffic light intersections!!! Weird? Maybe. Frustrating? I can neither confirm nor deny that my road rage has slightly increased. But exact obedience brings miracles, so lets do it!!! 
Cool experience, last night there was a New Convert Devotional where recently baptized members share their stories. I was asked to lead the music and as I …

8 Months? Feels Like 2...

Hello everybody!!! First Happy Birthday Grandma! Also, shout out to Elder Peterson in Ogden, Happy Birthday to you as well. 
This week was pretty great. Spring Break was going on for ASU, so lots of people were gone, so it was slow, but it worked out great. 
I know last week I told you about the crazy experience where the members got mad. We made up for it this week. There are about 120 members that no one knows, so we went to town this week to find them, and we ended up finding about 12, which is pretty impressive considering they have been in the ward for years and NO ONE has been able to find them. We were basically a SWAT team for the ward. It was great. This week is round 2, since there are still quite a few people going to school in Mesa who have spring break. 
Anyways, we had some cool experiences this week too. We were walking in an apartment complex and this guy was in his car, and when he saw us he got out and waited for us to come talk to him. Once he did, we found that he was…

Spring Break

Hello everyone!! So I am staying with good old Elder Pope in the McCLintock YSA area for the next transfer! We are so pumped to be able to work harder and do some good things here. There is a lot of potential and we are excited. 
This week there was some interesting stuff going on. On Monday night we got a call from our Zone Leaders letting us know that there was a referral for us by the name of Sarah, and they said that although it was a referral, we should drop all contact with her. Apparently she is a legit psycho and stalks missionaries and seeks attention. It is a serious issue, trust me. So about 5 minutes after the call from them, we get another call, we answer because we are missionaries, and it was Sarah. We were freaking out. Then she showed up to our Family Home Evening activity at the institute looking for us, and talked to some of our members wondering where we were. The members had no idea that this was happening, so they thought she was an investigator. We were not in th…