Not Feeling the Title Today...

Hey everyoneDepending on how well you know me, I am not the most creative person on the planet. So I chose not to put a meaningful subject title on this time. If you hate that, my apologies. Anyways, the week was great! Lots of fun experiences, many things happening, and the weather has been awesome. Here we go.

So in order for someone to be baptized into the church, he must go through something called a baptismal interview, which is where a missionary or another church leader asks some questions to the individual being baptized. It is just to see what they have learned and how they came to know that the teaching of the gospel are true. So I got to do my second one this week, I don't know if i mentioned the first one. This one was with Riley, one of the investigators for the Assistants to the President. I love baptismal interviews. Getting to know the individual and hearing their testimony is so cool. It helps me to strengthen my testimony and think about the basic things that we all need to understand and learn about. 

Stephenie, one of our primary investigators (people learning about the gospel), had her interview this week and it went great. Her baptism is set for the 15th of April, she is currently on a two-week trip to that is legit. She is having a good time there and has been learning so much about the Savior since she left! 

This week we had some awesome miracles. One that was so cool was on Thursday when Elder Pope and I were out visiting some people our bishop asked us to visit. We met one of them and he was clearly not interested. Wasn't super nice about it. Walking away, we decided to stop by a former investigator in the area named Alyssa. She wasn't home either, so we looked at our map and saw that an active member lived next door. We knocked, they let us in, we asked about the former, and guess what?!? She was actually at the house of that member. It was so cool. We talked with her and set up an appointment with her, and she said she wants her brother to come to learn as well!! It was so cool to see that Heavenly Father helped us to know where to go, and to lead us to the right place at the right time. It was so awesome. Everything truly does happen for a reason. 

This weekend we have general conference coming up. For those who do not know what that is, the leaders of the church speak to us and give us direction and guidance every 6 months, in April and October. It is so cool and I always learn such powerful things from it. I invite all of you to watch a little bit this weekend, it can be found on BYUtv,, or even your nearest LDS church building in most areas. Tune in for a bit and see what you learn!! 

Anyways, you all are the best. Thank you for being so great and awesome people. Love you all, and I hope you have a great week filled with awesomeness. 

Elder Barlow
When you companion is taking a selfie you just have to ruin it...

Dessert: homemade ice cream in a homemade churro bowl 
with a caramel cage and whipped cream. It was amazing.


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