8 Months? Feels Like 2...

Hello everybody!!! First Happy Birthday Grandma! Also, shout out to Elder Peterson in Ogden, Happy Birthday to you as well. 

This week was pretty great. Spring Break was going on for ASU, so lots of people were gone, so it was slow, but it worked out great. 

I know last week I told you about the crazy experience where the members got mad. We made up for it this week. There are about 120 members that no one knows, so we went to town this week to find them, and we ended up finding about 12, which is pretty impressive considering they have been in the ward for years and NO ONE has been able to find them. We were basically a SWAT team for the ward. It was great. This week is round 2, since there are still quite a few people going to school in Mesa who have spring break. 

Anyways, we had some cool experiences this week too. We were walking in an apartment complex and this guy was in his car, and when he saw us he got out and waited for us to come talk to him. Once he did, we found that he was very, very educated in religion, and was trying to get us to say something so that he could "anti" us, which just means to try to tell us things that will shake us and make us question our own beliefs. It didnt work. We testified, invited him to read the Book of Mormon, and there wasn't anything he could say. He eventually said he wanted to meet with missionaries more. It made me think of Alma chapter 36, where Alma talks about small and simple things confounding the wise. I realized that for sure this week. It was awesome. 

After a long day of moving...
I don't have a ton of time this week, but I love you all! Keep rocking on, and if you have questions about the gospel, go to mormon.org and/or ask the missionaries! They can help you! Have an awesome week everyone. 

Also, we moved to a different apartment this week, so I have a new address, but we just have a different apartment number. 

Elder Trevor Barlow
3501 S McClintock Dr Apt #1005
Tempe AZ 85282

Elder Barlow




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