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The Winds of Change

Hello Everyone!!!I hope you all had a great week, because I sure did! :) Things are going great here in Tempe, and the weather is already warming up into the 70s sooo spring is already on the way! Just kidding this is still winter weather here. So many things have changed in the past 2 weeks. You will see why. Here is the week:

Monday - Zone p-day, and we played zone sports! Soccer, basketball, and gatorball, which is a missionary game I wish I could explain, maybe another time, but it is tons of fun. Went to a little bit of FHE with the ward and played mafia and scored some pie!! 

Tuesday - My first district meeting! Only half the district made it (the sisters and the assistants had things come up), but I trained on our attitude towards finding, because finding is a little rough in ASU. There are some restrictions on missionaries in YSA (Young Single Adult) areas that make things complicated but it is still awesome. It went pretty well according to everyone else! Met with April who was…

Tale of Two Cities

Well it happened! I denied that it would but I indeed left Casa Grande this week. It was a crazy, crazy week. Buckle up everyone, this is going to be good.
Monday - zone sports, transfers calls, lots of stress, you name it, it happened. I found out that I was being called as a district leader and leaving the area. We had a lesson before that happened with the Beebe's and I got whip cream all over my face. A picture later will explain. (He didn't send the picture)
Tuesday - A pretty somber day. Had zone meeting, taught a final lesson to Jesus, and then went by all the recent converts to say goodbye. The Evans, Bushnells, the Beebe's, man that was very very difficult. Stayed up pretty late packing and wondering where I was going and who my new companion would be.
Wednesday - Transfers! So, my new area is the McClintock YSA Ward in Tempe! It is an Arizona State University campus ward, so that means we are teaching mostly students and it is a lot of fun! There is so much that is …

The State of the Unknown...

Hey everybody!!! 

Happy mid-January. This week was a great one! However, I don't have my journal so it will be shorter than normal. Here we go!

Monday - played basketball for about three hours. It was awesome. That evening we had a few lessons fall through so we booked around and talked to people with not much success. We did have a lesson with the Beebe family though. They are the best.

Tuesday - district meeting! Then I went on exchanges with Elder Rodrigues, who is from Brazil and speaks pretty spotty English, but he was lots of fun to work with. We found a few new people to teach, lots of them showed lots of promise, and we went on visits with the Elders Quorum in the evening. It was pretty legit. Had a lesson with Scott and Barbara and it went great!

Wednesday - most of the day was biking and stopping by people we couldn't contact over the phone. We set up a few appointments then had little Caesars with the Done family, they are lots of fun. We have been working with one of t…

Finding Strength in the Small Things

Hello everybody! How are you all? This week was pretty darn good, and there was a lot going on! I don't have a ton of time so I'll do what I can!
Monday - District P-day, we did something called skittle bowling. You pick a skittle and do something weird when you bowl according to the color of it. It was lots of fun. We did that for one game and then normal for the second. I won the second. I haven't lost my touch yet ;) jk I'm still not great. In the evening we stopped by a less-active member's house and he showed us his new drone he bought that day. It was pretty awesome, and then we got him to commit to coming to church!
Tuesday - We got 13 referrals the previous week that we had zero time to contact, so we spent all day doing that. We went to dinner at a less active member's house and one of the members invited his coworker to join us who had tons of questions about the church. we ended up teaching him the plan of salvation and had some pretty delicious hambur…

Welcome to the New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!! I do not have my journal again so the play-by-play isn't going to happen...sorry bout that! But it was still a really great week with lots of interesting experiences. Such a great way to close out 2016! here we go!

We had zone conference this week and that was really awesome. We talked a lot about the quality of those that we find, and how we retain that quality through teaching. It was really a great learning experience, and I learned tons. We were asked to write a 5-minute talk about what we learned from reading the Book of Mormon in these past 2.5 months. Needless to say, I learned so much. I will attach my copy of the talk and I invite y'all to read it! If you have not read the Book of Mormon, I promise you if you read from it and pray to know if what you are reading is true, that you will receive that witness, and that the Book of Mormon will change your life! I promise you that without a doubt! Trust me :)

On Thursday Elder Watt and I went on exch…