The State of the Unknown...

Hey everybody!!! 

Happy mid-January. This week was a great one! However, I don't have my journal so it will be shorter than normal. Here we go!

Monday - played basketball for about three hours. It was awesome. That evening we had a few lessons fall through so we booked around and talked to people with not much success. We did have a lesson with the Beebe family though. They are the best.

Tuesday - district meeting! Then I went on exchanges with Elder Rodrigues, who is from Brazil and speaks pretty spotty English, but he was lots of fun to work with. We found a few new people to teach, lots of them showed lots of promise, and we went on visits with the Elders Quorum in the evening. It was pretty legit. Had a lesson with Scott and Barbara and it went great!

Wednesday - most of the day was biking and stopping by people we couldn't contact over the phone. We set up a few appointments then had little Caesars with the Done family, they are lots of fun. We have been working with one of their daughters who has had some concerns recently. We then went to the church and Scott and Barbara had their baptismal interview!

Thursday - twas a longer day, not much went on. Had a good dinner with the Bells and did some service in 2nd ward.

Friday - Scott and Barbara got baptized!!! It was an awesome service and they both felt something after they came out of the water. Scott came up and hugged us afterwards...he is not a hugger. That was a big deal. Went to Bostons with a member of the ward for dinner!

 Baptism!!! Barbara had me baptize her,
and Scott had Brother Chism

(the tall man) baptize him.

Saturday - went on exchanges with Elder Bell, one of our zone leaders! It was lots of fun and I learned a lot. We had a lesson with Sam, a new investigator we know. We taught the Evans family and that was really good! We spent the evening trying to talk to people, no one was outside. Everyone was watching the NFL.

Sunday - we got a new bishopric! Brother Mitchell, one of the counselors, is our new bishop and he will be awesome. We didn't have any lessons, we had correlation with Brother Mejia, then biked in the rain for a while. Found a few new people to teach, one of them told us that our message was more important than the Steelers game, she was wearing a Steelers shirt, so that was pretty awesome.

That's about it! I'm out of time! Transfers is this week...might be somewhere different next week. Jesus is the Christ! He loves all of you and wants you to be happy! The gospel of Jesus Christ WILL make you happy. Love you all!

Elder Barlow


Elder Rodriguez ate 5 Blazin  wings...he struggled but he did it.


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