Welcome to the New Year!

Christmas Lights!

Happy New Year Everyone!! I do not have my journal again so the play-by-play isn't going to happen...sorry bout that! But it was still a really great week with lots of interesting experiences. Such a great way to close out 2016! here we go!

We had zone conference this week and that was really awesome. We talked a lot about the quality of those that we find, and how we retain that quality through teaching. It was really a great learning experience, and I learned tons. We were asked to write a 5-minute talk about what we learned from reading the Book of Mormon in these past 2.5 months. Needless to say, I learned so much. I will attach my copy of the talk and I invite y'all to read it! If you have not read the Book of Mormon, I promise you if you read from it and pray to know if what you are reading is true, that you will receive that witness, and that the Book of Mormon will change your life! I promise you that without a doubt! Trust me :)

On Thursday Elder Watt and I went on exchanges and stayed in my area, and it was lots of fun! We had all of our lessons fall through, so we spent pretty much all day biking around visiting people and looking for new people to teach. We had some pretty awesome conversations. We met these two older men from Texas who are pastors for another church, had a really awesome conversation about the gospel with them, and we are going back over this week to teach them more! We also met one of their sons, DJ, on Saturday, and left him with a Book of Mormon and he said he would start reading it! That was really cool! We also were walking down the street and talked to this lady named Salie, who said she has been through some hard trials recently and started to cry when we talked about God's love for her. It was really great. Elder Watt is a stud and we had lots of fun working together.

New Years Eve with the Crew!

New Years Eve was fun! It rained all morning but we still went biking, and taught some lessons before we had dinner with the Dahl, they are awesome. We had to be in at 6, so we hung out and played Risk again.

Happy New Year everyone! lets make 2017 one to remember! That is pretty cliche but I know if we do all we can to find the joy in life and include Jesus Christ in all of it then we will have happiness not just for 2017 but for the rest of our lives! Stay awesome! Love you all!

Elder Barlow


Elder Harris' Birthday!


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