No Pics (Title by Mom)

Hello there everybody!! This week was a doozey. I was so touched by all the conference talks that were given. They gave me so much to improve on and ways that I can change and ways to help others, ugh! It was just so awesome. I hope you all got something out of it. Heavenly Father puts something specific in each General Conference for each of us. 

So this week didn't have too many noteworthy things other than conference of course. We met this cool guy Joel, he is 17 I think, and he saw us on the street, took his headphones off and came up and started talking to us. That is the best feeling. So yeah, we meet with him on Thursday, so I am pretty stoked for that. Another cool thing was Sister Evans messaged us yesterday saying she had wept during conference and was so touched by the messages. They had a rough week this week, but they are so awesome. She also told us we were "ambitious in Christ" #LDSConf a.k.a. the best compliment ever given. It was awesome. Kristina (someone we have been working with) watched the Sunday morning session and loved President Monson's talk, so that was pretty cool. We are still working on getting her to feel comfortable with coming to church to try it out. We meet with them tonight (cross your fingers for me). They are super cool though. 

Yesterday we got cussed out by two different people. One was for going 8 MPH in a 5 MPH zone (she said that she would beat us up if we went that fast again, but definitely not as nicely). The second one was an old lady who kept denying that her granddaughter was baptized a member, even though we know she was. That was funny. She didn't think so though. So yeah, that's Casa Grande for ya!! 

Alright, I have about three minutes left, but here is a thought. This week I have really come to realize that I really could not do this on my own. There is so much that we deal with whether it be mean people, other people's mental issues, and so many other problems we deal with.  It would be way too much for me if I didn't have the Lord's help. I am so grateful to be on my mission and for the strength I receive as I do the Lord's work. This week, serve someone else, and see how you feel afterward. You will want to serve others for the rest of your life. 

I love all of you. Stay awesome. 

Elder Barlow

We received these photos via text this week...
love seeing these boys working & playing hard!


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