Eegee's! Thanks Uncle Bart!
Hello everyone!! Good to hear from you all this week. Sounds like it is cooling down quick up there. It isn't too much down here. Still in the 80's but I am pretty used to it by now. I am a little short on time but I have some good stuff to share with you this week!!

So I found out this week that I talk in my sleep a lot...Elder Grigsby waited to tell me that until recently. So that was cool to hear. Sunday nights we have a slumber Sunday, where we pull out our mattresses into the living room and all sleep out there. Elder Cleveland told me I literally taught the restoration in my sleep. #LetsGo!!! That was super funny to hear about. I guess I am learning the doctrine pretty well. ;)

My setup for weekly planning.
This week we got some new cool investigators. One is named Victor. He is a big dude who recently served a 10.5 year sentence in prison, so he is a thug but is super cool! He likes us a lot and we had a great lesson with him and he is reading the Book of Mormon this week in prep for our next lesson. We also got a referral for Erika, who is probably about 17 and she requested a Book of Mormon online. So, we stopped by, she was super nice, and has been learning a lot from the Book of Mormon already! We meet with her again on Friday. We had a big celebration for the 25th anniversary of the Casa Grande Stake on Saturday!! We spent a long time Friday setting up and stuff. There was a carnival outside, lots of good food, and about 600 people showed up. We were greeters in the church building the whole time even though everyone was outside, so it felt like we didn't do much, but it was still lots of fun.

Friday night was the baptism for Hyrum & Gannon!! That was 

Hyrum & Gannon's Baptism
super cool. Hyrum and Gannon were baptized and confirmed together. It was definitely a night to remember. We got there an hour early to fill the font, so we checked it right before the baptism to see how full it was and it was way too full for an 8 and 9 year old, so we unplugged the drain because Elder Grigsby told me it drained pretty slow, so we thought it was no big deal. We gave a team talk on baptism and their brothers gave a team talk on the Holy Ghost, and we heard this draining noise coming from the baptismal font. We ran to check and the font was COMPLETELY EMPTY!! Elder Grigsby freaked out and basically begged Heavenly Father to help us fill the font super fast. So there was an awkward 15-minute delay for the baptism, but that did not stop it from happening! #NotTodaySatan. So that was an adventure.

We made the kids untrue missionary tags.

I am out of time for this week! Will is being baptized on Saturday so that will be great. Also, if you are planning on sending me a letter later than this Thursday, send it to the Arizona Tempe Mission office (1871 E. Del Rio Dr., Tempe AZ 85282). There is a chance I will be transferred and if a letter comes to this apartment after I leave, it will take weeks to get it back to me. 

Thanks all of you! Love you all!!

Elder Barlow


Our setup for the 25th anniversary! #planofsalvation


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