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Let the Triple Digits Begin!!

Hello everyone!! You might have guessed because of the subject line, but yes, it did hit 100 degrees this week. It has been in the 90's most of the
time, so yeah things are heating up in more ways than one! We found about 10 new people to teach this last week and were super busy, so things are going awesome.

So something that was super awesome this week: every Thursday night
we hold a Book of Mormon class, where members and investigators alike come and we read and discuss a chapter of the Book of Mormon. This week Sisters Oka and Madriz brought a new investigator named Daniel, who is a boss. It was his first time coming and had only met with missionaries once before this class. Apparently he keeps asking the sister missionaries if they are single....haha that is pretty funny. Anyways, that
is not the point. We were going through 2 Nephi 25, and talking about what we need to do to prepare for the second coming of Jesus Christ. We went through the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Faith, Repentan…


Wow. What a week. New area, new companion, new responsibilities, pretty much everything is new since the last time you heard from me. So, I was serving in Tempe on ASU campus, and now I am serving in South Phoenix in a family ward! My new companion is Elder Francis, and he is super awesome. He and I are very, very alike, and he and Elder Grigsby are dopplegangers, so it is pretty hilarious. And the area is super awesome. It is pretty big, and we have lots of interactions with weird people. The environment is a lot like Casa Grande but there are more crazy that's fun. There were some pretty awesome experiences from this week too, so let me tell you!
Wednesday was crazy, I packed up and left and had just gotten to the area and was trying to figure out how to be a Zone Leader, the new responsibility I talked about, which means me and another missionary lead over about 16 other missionaries, so yeah that was a change. I was pretty stressed and didn't have much time for …

Dust in the Wind

Hello everyone!! I hope you all had the best week every, because I sure did. There were lots of cool experiences, lots of funny ones, and just good things happening. Let me tell you about it. 
I will start with funny. So, we were visiting a members in our area who no one knew, and her roommate answered the door. He told us to go use the side door, because that was where she lived. So we knocked, it was pitch black both outside and in the house so we figured no one was there, but we knocked nonetheless. After the second knock we hear this noise behind us and turn around, and the roommate is standing on top of a cinder block wall, flapping his wings like a bird. We were pretty freaked out, then he asked us what we were doing. Rather confused, we said we were just knocking on the door. He asking if anyone answered, we said no, he said "Well I think you got your answer," and then told us to go away. It was so weird, but super funny at the same time. 
Cool experience, our investi…

The Force was Strong With This Week...

Hey everyone! I don't have too much time today but there were two awesome things that happened that I want to share with you. So, on Thursday, we got to go to the temple in Mesa!! It was so awesome. The temple is so powerful and a great place to feel the Spirit. For those who have never been to the temple, I invite you to go take a walk around it, and think about the way you feel as you do so. It is a great way to feel God's love in our lives.
Also, general conference was really awesome. General conference is when chosen servants of God speak to the whole world on topics they feel inspired to share. This weekend there was such a strong focus on the Savior Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for him and for all that he did to help us feel peace and happiness in our lives. Without him, we would all be lost.
There is a document the leaders of the church released in 2000 which testifies of Christ, and as I have read it have felt myself come closer to Christ. I will include the PDF of is …