Dust in the Wind

Hello everyone!! I hope you all had the best week every, because I sure did. There were lots of cool experiences, lots of funny ones, and just good things happening. Let me tell you about it. 

I will start with funny. So, we were visiting a members in our area who no one knew, and her roommate answered the door. He told us to go use the side door, because that was where she lived. So we knocked, it was pitch black both outside and in the house so we figured no one was there, but we knocked nonetheless. After the second knock we hear this noise behind us and turn around, and the roommate is standing on top of a cinder block wall, flapping his wings like a bird. We were pretty freaked out, then he asked us what we were doing. Rather confused, we said we were just knocking on the door. He asking if anyone answered, we said no, he said "Well I think you got your answer," and then told us to go away. It was so weird, but super funny at the same time. 

Cool experience, our investigator Stephanie ( I call her Steph Curry because she is REALLY good at basketball) got back from her trip to Israel this week. She is getting baptized this Saturday, so we were pumped to see her again to get her pumped for it too. She came to church, we were standing by the chapel doors, and she runs up to us and was all giddy and super excited to see us. It was awesome. She had so many faith building experiences over in the Holy Land, and is so pumped for the baptism!! So are we. I am so pumped up. 

We have been working hard to find some new people to teach, we are teaching about 4 people consistently and no one outside of that, which isn't bad, but finding people is a big part of the work. We were working really hard to reach our goal of new investigators this week, and on Tuesday we felt like we should go to this apartment complex, which has had no work before, also it was about 1:30 in the afternoon, which we had had no success with previously. We knocked a door, got no answer, and then this man walks behind us, we turn and invite him to the Mesa Easter pageant, and start talking about his faith. He has a strong faith in Christ and was thrilled to have us back over to teach him. We teach him tomorrow, so that will be awesome. Also, we found a few new people to teach when we went to a members house to teach a lesson, and three of his friends were sitting there playing FIFA. The member told them to turn it off to listen to the message, and we shared the Easter video, and they all want to go to the pageant this week as well! It was so cool. God answers prayers. 

This Easter week is such a good opportunity to remember Christ and all that he did. I know he is a personal Savior to each and every one of you. I know that he sacrificed himself for us and for all of our mistakes, and showed us the way to find happiness. That way to find happiness is so simple, and brings so much power into our lives. Go to mormon.org to watch the new Easter video. Watch it, and I know you will feel God's love for you.  You'll know that he loves you, and that Christ is your Savior. Have an awesome Easter week everyone! 

Elder Barlow


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