The Force was Strong With This Week...

Temple Selfie...just had to do it! 
Hey everyone! I don't have too much time today but there were two awesome things that happened that I want to share with you. So, on Thursday, we got to go to the temple in Mesa!! It was so awesome. The temple is so powerful and a great place to feel the Spirit. For those who have never been to the temple, I invite you to go take a walk around it, and think about the way you feel as you do so. It is a great way to feel God's love in our lives.

Also, general conference was really awesome. General conference is when chosen servants of God speak to the whole world on topics they feel inspired to share. This weekend there was such a strong focus on the Savior Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for him and for all that he did to help us feel peace and happiness in our lives. Without him, we would all be lost.

There is a document the leaders of the church released in 2000 which testifies of Christ, and as I have read it have felt myself come closer to Christ. I will include the PDF of is below. I invite every single one of you to read it and pray to know if Jesus Christ is your personal Savior! I know you will fell it is true in your heart. Also, the conference talks can be found on, check them out!

Another awesome things that happened this week was that I received a message from Sister Evans, and they have scheduled their sealing in the Gilbert temple in October!! A sealing is a promise made to God and your family members that you will keep the commandments of God at all times, and in return, you receive countless blessings, including the blessing of being with your family forever, even after this life. I am so excited!! They invited Elder Grigsby and I to be there to witness that special event, so we are both super excited to see the fruits of the Spirit and how learning about the Savior can change lives. I know the gospel is true. have an awesome week everyone!! Pictures will be in a separate email!

Easter is coming up fast, and there is a sweet new video about the life of Christ called "Prince of Peace"  on, check that out as well!

Elder Barlow


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