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The Weather is Finally Cooling Down!

Hello everyone! So it has been a pretty eventful week. As you can tell by my subject, I am pretty excited that the weather has gone from the 100's to the 90's. We even hit the 80's a few times this week. Pretty exciting, huh? I know. I am pumped too.
So first of all, we had our first baptism on Saturday. A lot of people came to support, even Will and Lindy came which was awesome. We met some new people from Wilcox, AZ and it was really cool to see the Evans doing missionary work, even at their own baptism. It was a great experience to see how much this gospel can change an individual. I have seen the Evans family grow together and become so happy since I have been here, and Saturday was a perfect example of that. Brother Evans couldn't get the words out to baptize her for a long time. It was a special moment for them. The Spirit was as thick as triple chocolate cake (I don't know if that even makes sense, but oh well!)
So yeah, it was a pretty exhausting week. Our in…

Transfer 2 is Underway!!

What is up everyone?? So glad to be able to talk to you all as a 19-year old...haha!! Not gonna lie, I feel absolutely no different, especially because it really didn't feel like a birthday, but thank you all for the birthday wishes and the cards & presents, it made Thursday pretty awesome! :) We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and got some KILLER wings & had a blast. They gave me some free cheesecake bites for dessert & they were really good.

This week was super dope. We had transfers, & as you can see, I remain in CG!! I love this area so I was really relieved to hear that. Elder Fowles was transferred to Chandler, so that was pretty sad, he was a super funny guy. But Elder Hawkes is Elder Cleveland's companion now & he is super funny. He is on scholarship for BYU track after his mission & I go running with him in the morning, & wow, I feel super fat when I do. He works me pretty hard, but I always feel great after I run in the morning.


First Transfer is Complete

Holding a baby pig born that morning. My companion thought for sure he was going to get sick after he found that out. He didn't.
Hey everybody!!! Hope the life in good ol' North Idaho and wherever you are inthe  world is going well. Things in Casa Grande are still in the 90s and still pretty darn awesome!! I am having a lot of fun getting to know new people as well as get to know the ward better as I stay strong in the work. There were some awesome experiences this week I will share with you.
Alright, so first of all, this week we met this new guy. He is a miracle in his own right. He has dealt with lots of trials in his life and has been looking for peace. His wife is a less-active member of the church, so this last sunday they just decided to go to church out of the blue!  They LOVED it, so we met with them twice this week to see what he wants out of church and to start teaching him the gospel!! Our first lesson, we put him on date for an October 22nd baptism #awesome. By the …

Let the Birthday Month BEGIN! ;)

Hey everyone! So good to say that it is September now :) September has the best weather of the year, in North Idaho at least. It is still in the 100's down here, but life is still pretty good :) I am getting used to the heat a little more, and it should start cooling down a little in the next few weeks. But there was a lot that went down this week, so I am going to have to pick and choose what I share, so we will see how this goes :)

So this week was the hardest I have worked yet on my mission, and Elder Grigsby said the same. We were ballin' hard with finding while we were teaching and teaching while we were finding. We ended up receiving 11 referrals this week, which is a HUGE number, especially for Casa Grande. We upped all of our weekly goals and achieved every single one other than church attendance. Our goal was 10 investigators (double the weekly average) and we ended up with 8, which is still pretty darn good. The most in a few months. We have been really bles…