Transfer 2 is Underway!!

The Evans family is the real MVP,
they got me a cake for my birthday.
And sang to me.
What is up everyone?? So glad to be able to talk to you all as a 19-year old...haha!! Not gonna lie, I feel absolutely no different, especially because it really didn't feel like a birthday, but thank you all for the birthday wishes and the cards & presents, it made Thursday pretty awesome! :) We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and got some KILLER wings & had a blast. They gave me some free cheesecake bites for dessert & they were really good.

This week was super dope. We had transfers, & as you can see, I remain in CG!! I love this area so I was really relieved to hear that. Elder Fowles was transferred to Chandler, so that was pretty sad, he was a super funny guy. But Elder Hawkes is Elder Cleveland's companion now & he is super funny. He is on scholarship for BYU track after his mission & I go running with him in the morning, & wow, I feel super fat when I do. He works me pretty hard, but I always feel great after I run in the morning.

Sister Evans had her baptismal interview this week and it was super awesome. I mean I wasn't in there for the interview because I'm not district leader, but it was really exciting. Her baptism is on Saturday and it will be freakin' awesome. So yeah, that was sick. We spent like an hour trying to make her program since we basically don't have a ward mission leader. But it was sweet. I am so pumped for that. 

Will and Lindy are still going so strong. We didn't have a dinner last night, so they just invited us over all of a sudden so we ended up eating dinner with them and their friend, who is a less active member in another ward. It was really fun to get to know her a little better as well as have a good time with Will and Lindy. I'm sure you've seen their facebook posts they have tagged Elder Grigsby and I in, so they are literally the coolest. It is so cool to see them progress.  
The new house with our matching B&J
One of our investigators, George, is easily one of the coolest guys I have ever met. He always calls us bros instead of elders and it is super funny. We are trying so hard to get him to church but something always comes up. He has serious car troubles but refuses to let us get him a ride, but we are totally going to get him there next week. He is so humble and is going through a lot right now. So he is a beast. 

This week we don't have too much going on, other than the baptism on Saturday of course. Tonight the Beebe family invited us over for Family Home Evening, and we are going to have a NERF gun war with them, so that is going to be super fun. I have not had a nerf war in a I am excited. But yeah, it'll just be another week in paradise.

That is about it for this week!! I don't have as much time to email so if I don't get to email you, I apologize in advance. We had to run a lot of errands for p-day today so it left me with not as much time to email. I love you all!! Let me know what I can do for you!

Love, Elder Barlow

District No. 1
The coolest house in town


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