The Weather is Finally Cooling Down!

Our District after we hiked Casa Grande Mountain this morning
Hello everyone! So it has been a pretty eventful week. As you can tell by my subject, I am pretty excited that the weather has gone from the 100's to the 90's. We even hit the 80's a few times this week. Pretty exciting, huh? I know. I am pumped too.

The Evans' Baptism
So first of all, we had our first baptism on Saturday. A lot of people came to support, even Will and Lindy came which was awesome. We met some new people from Wilcox, AZ and it was really cool to see the Evans doing missionary work, even at their own baptism. It was a great experience to see how much this gospel can change an individual. I have seen the Evans family grow together and become so happy since I have been here, and Saturday was a perfect example of that. Brother Evans couldn't get the words out to baptize her for a long time. It was a special moment for them. The Spirit was as thick as triple chocolate cake (I don't know if that even makes sense, but oh well!)

So yeah, it was a pretty exhausting week. Our investigator George had some struggles this week, but it was great to see him recognize it and we were the first people he called. He loves us and knows that the Lord is present in his life, and it was great for us to be a part of that. He is growing and changing through his adversity. Lesson: it is okay to mess up, just trust the lord. 

The Nerf War Crew
On Monday we had a nerf war with the Beebe family and it was awesome. They are really good at nerf wars, so I had to put my game face on for a bit and we had a lot of fun. Hyrum and Gannon (8 and 9 year old) are being baptized on October 14th and they are getting super pumped up. The Beebes gave us a Taco Bell and Subway gift card so we used those pretty quick. #blessed

Elder Hawkes & I with matching ties and 'Murica-style cars. #USA
I am in love with the work. Something I realized this week is that I could no do this whole mission thing on my own. The Lord is with me every step of the way. Conference is coming up. Think of a question you want answered, and the Lord will answer it through his servants. I am out of time for this week, but I love you all. Keep being awesome. Let me know what I can do for you!! 

Elder Barlow

Dynamic Duo


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