Left turns? Who needs them?

Hello everyone!!! This week was interesting and awesome. We had zone conference this week and it was great. We learned lots about commitments, lots about the importance of leaving behind our "golden calf" that we might have in our own lives. Those are things that might be holding us back from being exactly obedient to Gods commandments!! So, do you have any golden calves in your life? if you do, get rid of them and see the difference that it makes :) 

We also learned that there have been lots of car accidents in the mission, namely turning left at intersections with traffic lights, so there is a new rule in the mission: no more left turns at traffic light intersections!!! Weird? Maybe. Frustrating? I can neither confirm nor deny that my road rage has slightly increased. But exact obedience brings miracles, so lets do it!!! 

Cool experience, last night there was a New Convert Devotional where recently baptized members share their stories. I was asked to lead the music and as I was sitting up there I looked in the very back and saw Joseph, a recent convert who has been MIA for two months. I was so pumped, so after the opening hymn I went back and sat next to him and he had a great experience. He said he saw my Facebook invite to the event and felt like he should come. Technology is awesome!!!

My district meeting training this week was on the importance of reading the Book of Mormon for ourselves as well as with those who struggle. 1/20 investigators who read the Book of Mormon have a meaningful experience. Mainly because 19/20 don't understand it. If you dont understand the Book of Mormon or know someone who doesn't, read with them!!! It will change their life! That is my message for the week. The Book of Mormon is so true. I know that for sure. If you have never read it or haven't in a while, I invite you to read from it this week and pray with a sincere desire to know if it is true, and I know it can make such a huge change in your lives. it has changed my life and so many others.

 Love you all! Have an awesome week!

Elder Barlow


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