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Elder Brower & Elder Barlow, friends since first grade.

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Turns out I do get a chance to email before I head down to Tempe tomorrow, so I figured I would give my final report. ;) The MTC experience will be one that I will forever remember. It was something that helped me grow into a totally different person than I was 19 days ago. It's pretty crazy that tomorrow I will be experiencing something brand new again!! I am super pumped to find out who my trainer will be, meet my mission president, and everything else I will be doing these next few days. 

This week was pretty cool. One of our investigators, Rodrigo, was struck hard by Alma 60:13, which talks about why bad things happen. That was the scripture that converted his heart and led to his acceptance of the baptismal invitation and wanting to share his newfound testimony with his wife back in Chile! So that was really cool. Last night at the devotional Brother Allen, the director of the Missionary Department in the Church, showed us some awesome, old, cheesy church ads about family. It just really showed me how important our families are to us. We can't do anything effectively without a healthy, strong relationship with our families. As you all go about your week, think about ways that you can help your family strengthen its relationship. It's a big deal. Trust me. 

So lastly I just want to share my testimony with all of you. These past few weeks have not only helped me grow but have helped me see how to help others grow as well. I have felt Christ strengthen me and help me see the bigger picture: that this life is not all about us. There are times when we have to focus on ourselves, but there are also many times when we need to look for others to be the priority. So pray about that. Find ways to improve in whatever area that may be (we all have things to improve on) and I know if you ask for help it will be given to you. I promise you that.

I love you all. Thank you for all of your support and awesomeness as I've been out so far! Next time you hear from me, I will have experienced many new and different things. You are all in my prayers and I know Heavenly Father loves you. I've felt it as I've prayed for you. Until next Time!!

Elder Barlow 😎

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