Hello from Casa Grande!

Hello everyone :) 

First of all, if I don't get a chance to email you this week I apologize. I'm going to have to start a rotation because I only have an hour to email. I can send letters anytime on Mondays so if I don't email you, email me your address, then I can send out some letters! :) I'm sorry if I don't get to you.

So yeah, my area is the good old town of Casa Grande :) it's about an hour from Phoenix, and it's pretty much in the middle of nowhere. But it's still bigger than Post Falls haha. It's really spread out. It's about 65% lower class too, so we have already been to some pretty interesting areas, teaching away. I already love the area and the people in it as well though. It's different but really cool. The first two days I was here we got three monsoons, so that was sweet. The roads looked like whitewater rivers and it looked chaotic, but it's just the norm down here haha. Also, it's only been over 100 degrees 3/5 days so that's good ;)

The field is so much different than the MTC. The days feel so long but so gratifying at the end. I decided I love being busy because when I have time to think to myself, that's when things get a little tougher. But I have loved it so far:) I'm learning so much. I've seen a ton of miracles happen already. The other elders in my apartment call it #newmissionarymiracles, so I guess that is a legit thing haha:)

Experience for this week: There is this family, and they are a part-member family. The dad served a mission but fell away after, and hasn't been to church in 15 years. His wife is investigating, which makes this pretty awesome. The first night I was there, they made us brownies. Yesterday, they made us casserole and MORE brownies. They are the best. But anyways, two weeks ago Elder Grigsby invited them to church and they said they weren't ready, and to be patient with them.  This week's lesson was on Saturday about fasting, so we invited them to fast for the strength to find a way to come to church. Sunday morning I got a text, saying they had decided to fast and to come to church. They hadn't been in 15 years. It was the best feeling ever. They loved it and want to stay for all 3 hours next week. The church is so true.

Thank you for all of you and all of your support. I love all of you and again am sorry if I can't respond to your emails. Let me know if any of you need anything! You will be in my prayers!

Elder Barlow
351 N Peart Road Apt 1616
Casa Grande AZ 85122

My companions name is Elder Grigsby, and he is super duper awesome. He has been out for about 6 months, and Casa Grande is only about his second area. We are both learning a lot, but it has been fun. We get along really well. We have a HUGE area so we currently have a car. But I do have a bike and I'm sure I will get to use it at some point!

Me and Elder Grigsby

MTC District
Me being awesome!
He found out I will be attending the University of Utah.
"da house"
Elders Fowles, Cleveland, Grigsby & Barlow


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