5 Transfers??? What???

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Hey everyone!!! So yes, this is the last email of the transfer. It is so hard to believe it has already been over 7 months since I left on my mission...time really just flies on by. We had a great week this week! Let me tell you about it!

The main thing I learned this week was that blessings come if you work hard. That may sounds like a broken record but let me explain. We only have a few investigators that we are able to work with consistently, about 6 to be exact. This week we had to refer two of them to other missionaries. That was hard because we had been working with them for a few weeks. One of them, Keith, moved to downtown Phoenix which isn't too far away but no longer lives in our mission boundaries, so we had to say goodbye to him. And Yakob, our Indonesian friend, aged out of YSA (Young Single Adults Ward) and so he will be attending a family ward. That was hard. But, I was able to see blessings and the hand of God helping us the rest of the week.  We were able to think of some new ideas of ways to find in the future.  We have really seen the member trust in the ward grow quite a bit. We have seen so much growth (we were both new in the area, and we followed two awesome missionaries in this area), but now the ward finally seems to be gaining trust us. It was huge.

As I was reading the Book of Mormon this week, I thought of a lot of ways that we can strengthen our testimonies. When we are focused on only one aspect of our faith, we leave lots of other parts of it weak, which makes it pretty easy for Satan to find his way in. If we are focused on all aspects and spend a little more time on the weak aspects of our faith, we can find so much strength. Also, ask questions, but do not doubt. There is a big difference.

Tempe YSA Zone
The transfer is ending, the time is flying, but I am ready for anything that is coming my way. I am out of time, sorry this is so short, but I love you all and will be able to say more next week!

Y'all are the best!!

Elder Barlow


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