Orange Picking!
Hey all you studly folks! This week was pretty awesome. I cannot believe it is already February, especially because it is 80 degrees here, but hey, I am definitely not complaining ;) I do not have my journal so it will be interesting what I remember. Here it goes:

Monday: District p-day! I decided to play board games and ping pong at the institute, which fell through because the sisters couldn't come, so we went to the assistants apartment and played Curses, which was tons of fun. In the evening we had a lesson with two new investigators, Kayvon and Mason (shout out to my little bro), which went pretty well, we haven't been able to talk to them since. They are
M.I.A. But they are still super cool!

Tuesday: Zone meeting was moved to Friday, so it was a pretty normal day. We spent the whole day walking around campus and talking with people, which didn't produce any immediate results, but we talked to this guy named Cigg who is Buddhist but started asking us questions about his own religion which was odd...we are meeting with him tomorrow to talk about the Plan of Salvation.

Wednesday: Elder Southworth (the Italian stallion) was with us because his companions had a meeting, and it was lots of fun. Had a lesson with Ashton, a member in the ward who is coming back to church, and she is super cool. She is studying opera and performs a lot. Her dream is to be the choir director. We talked to an interesting person named Jacquan, who went inside to grab his phone, and then he came out and told us to leave. Talk about a party pooper. In the evening we found out that Elder Southworth is moving to Yuma because another elder got his visa...we were pretty sad.

Thursday: Weekly planning! Had a great lesson with Stephenie, she is now preparing for baptism on April 8th! Shout out to Camille and McKay #anniversary, but yeah it was supposed to be in March but she is super worried about telling her family so we set it for April with the hope of moving it up.

Friday: Zone meeting was awesome! learned lots about success and new finding ideas, a big focus is on strengthening the members going forward. That was pretty much all that happened.

Saturday: We were supposed to have a lesson with Aken, our Sudanese investigator, but he forgot, so we talked with his friend Jake about how we can help him, and it was really powerful. He opened up and we really strengthened our relationship and we did a group fast with him Sunday.

Sunday: Fast Sunday! It was great. Had stake correlation meeting, ward meetings, had sacrament meeting in which a random guy from Indonesia named Yakob showed up looking for a Christian church and we helped him out! There was definitely a language barrier but we are meeting with him later to talk about his questions. We had a lesson with Aken and talked about his baptism coming up on the 25th. Heard the Pats won. Dang it.

Well something I learned this week is that there is always a way for us to help some one around us. We may not realize it or see it physically, but we all have needs, and there are always ways that we can serve others. Service is charity, and charity is the pure love of
Christ. Look for ways to serve others! You will not regret it, I promise you! Have an awesome week everyone :)

Elder Barlow

Elder Pope sleeping during dinner...big mistake!

Why, yes, we DID find trench coats in the closet!


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