Hey y'all! This has really been a pretty crazy week, I don't even know where to start! Lots of weird stuff going on, but awesome nonetheless! Here we go :)

Monday - pretty busy p-day, just running errands and such. Played a little Risk ,which we are continuing today, and pretty low-key for the most part.

Tuesday - DISTRICT MEETING!! This time I trained on revelation through church attendance, and it went pretty well. The sisters had to leave early, so I was yet again only training Elder Pope and the zone leaders, but hey, it went great! Other than that it was a pretty mediocre day, not much going on. We did go to Cafe Rio for taco Tuesday though...great decision. So glad there is one in my area now. We had a lesson with Kieth, a new investigators who out of the blue called us wanting to meet with missionaries again! Miracles! It was cool, he is a stud, we are starting to work with him more consistently now.

Wednesday - Not much...spent the whole day trying to find some new people to teach, not much was going on though. We did stop by a less active member in the ward and she had moved out, but her old roommate Tina talked with us for a while and we are going to start teaching her this week! She is really cool and has lots of questions, so that should be fun.

Thursday - Had a great lesson with Stephenie, preparing to be baptized soon, and she has no concerns, a super smooth lesson. We then went to a devotional at the institute building with Kieth, where Elder Cornish, a leader of the church who spoke last October in General Conference, spoke about some good stuff. It was interesting, he really laid out the difference between questions and doubt, and the connection between science and religion. Science and religion are two separate witnesses of creation. If your science and religion don't match up, keep learning, that is a lot of what he talked about. It was great, and Kieth really loved it.

Friday - Here is where things get interesting: had weekly planning, then all of our lessons fell through, so we got pretty creative with our finding. We Just went to the park and talked with everyone we saw, and in Tempe lots of people aren't happy to talk to you, so that was interesting. Then in the evening, Elders Grigsby and Abbott gave us a call, they are in the Tempe zone, we are in the Tempe YSA zone but they cover a neighboring area. Elder Abbott was super sick, and they had a lesson that evening and so they wanted to do an emergency exchange. So what happened? I got to teach with Elder Grigsby again!!! It was so awesome, I love that man. We taught a man who is a new investigator, who had lots of questions and by the end of the lesson he wanted to get baptized! It was so fun teaching with Elder Grigsby again. Elder Pope went out with Elder Graham since Elder Youngblood was still sick, so we stuck the two cripples together with approval from President, and it worked out.

Saturday - Elders Abbott and Youngblood were still sick, so Elder Grigsby came with us for the day. We went from covering 1 ward to 3, and had a great time. It was an adjustment being in a trio, but it was fun. We went to a baptism in one of the other wards, it was super cool, then taught Darryl and Caesar, a new investigator we found this week! It was great.

Sunday - A pretty slow day other than church. We had ward conference which was super good, there were lots of good things talked about. Other than that we spent lots of time calling former investigators in our Area Book. Fun stuff.

There is the week! 

The church is true, the book is blue! #BookofMormon. If you are looking for an awesome scripture to read, here is one I love: 2 Timothy 1:7-8. Share your testimony. That is all. Have an awesome week everyone!!

Elder Barlow



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