Merry Christmas!

The Old CG House Crew
Hey all! Hope you had a good week! :) This week flew by for me. Probably because we basically had two days off. Christmas Conference was awesome. I'll talk more about it later. I don't have my journal so this will be a little shorter.

Monday - found out we had to do a Zone skit for Christmas Conference. Two sisters took over and wanted to do a rap. We didn't know much about it so the organization was not good. It would prove to be fatal. Played some frisbee because the basketball hoops were up and we need a key to put them down 😒. Spent the night finding and had a great lesson with the Beebe's.

Tuesday - had a district meeting on using family history. Elder Harris did a good job. We implemented that a lot this week. Had a bomb lesson with Jesus who is doing awesome, Skye had her baptismal interview and is good to go this Thursday! We are pumped.

Wednesday - Christmas Conference Day 1!!! We went to South Mountain Park in Phoenix and played games like basketball, spike ball, cornhole, giant Jenna, and other stuff. It was awesome. Got to reunite with Elder Grigsby, Hawkes, and Cleveland. That was nice. Went back to CG for the evening and waited around for a baptismal interview for an investigator that never showed up.
Thursday - Christmas Conference Day 2!! Went to the Gilbert temple, that was AWESOME, went to In-N-Out for lunch, took pictures at the temple, had dinner, did the skits. Ours failed HORRIBLY. Worst one by far. I started reading the wrong verse at my part, stopped, said "Oh, shoot!" into the mic, recovered, finished my verse. I wish people could hear me rap some Eminem (clean version of course) to redeem myself. Oh well.

Casa Grande Zone on South Mountain!
Friday - had a lesson with a former investigator named Vicki, she is super nice. We had another lesson with a new member Amanda, that was pretty good, had dinner with the Bells, then had a good lesson with Scott and Barbara.

Saturday - had a lesson with Brother and Sister Rabb. Talked about the word of wisdom, asked them to stop drinking coffee. Brother Rabb got up, went to the sink, poured out the coffee in the coffee maker, and dumped out the coffee from in the cupboard in front of us. He really wanted to keep that commitment. It was awesome. Also, went to our Christmas party. Scott and Barbara came and we got free waffles. Mmmm. Waffles.

Sunday - church! Scott and Barbara, Jesus, and Skye made it to church, and we had a great time with them. Scott got to know a bunch of people. It was great. Had dinner at the Pace home, they gave us two referrals, and then went to the New Convert Devotional in Tempe. It was great.

There is the week! Merry Christmas everyone! Love you all! Stay awesome!

walk into a room and see this....#waytoodeepdoctrine


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