Merry Christmas!

Just realized I didn't even make a new title for last weeks email....awkward. Anyways, this week was great! Christmas and everything. Christmas is pretty great. I hope you all had a great Christmas and remembered Christ!!!

Monday - went to the park for district p-day and played soccer! Not my strong suit but it was lots of fun! Had a lesson with the Bushnell's and the Beebe's, they are so awesome. Other than that we just went shopping and stuff.

Tuesday - had zone Meeting, went to a party with Maggie and Jesus, two investigators, and it was really cool! There was lots of food (they gave us all the leftovers) and we ended up getting three referrals for people in other areas, but the people there were so nice and ready for the gospel! That was really cool. Went on splits with Brother Gallup, he is a boss and we talked about missions in the car and didn't have much success stopping by people, but it was still good.

Wednesday - went to a less active family's house and taught the restoration and got them to commit to church! It was really cool. Their kids have tons of energy but once we got them involved it went great. Had a lesson with Scott and Barbara, they are doing well.

Thursday - Skye got baptized!! It was really cool seeing her whole family come out to support her, even those who were not interested in the church. It was a really spiritual experience. (She didn't want pictures....sorry). She got a bloody nose after the baptism, but other than that it went smoothly...had a lesson with Jacob and Kristen, they have been struggling to make it to church, but said that they would be able to on Sunday. It was really good.

Friday - Rough day. Had some investigators tell us they weren't interested anymore, and had some pretty mean people we talked to, but then the Evans family saved the day and gave us a Christmas so that was cool. The church is so true, and the Evans are so cool.

Saturday - Christmas Eve! Our day was short, we had to be in by 6 pm, and there was a huge rainstorm that made it so everyone was hiding in their houses, so we were only able to talk to a few people that we stopped by. Had dinner with the Evans family, then played Risk at the apartment.

Sunday! - Christmas Day! Great day. Woke up, opened presents, finished the game of Risk, studied, went to church, had lunch with our Stake President, Skyped the family (love you guys :)) and had dinner with the Haws family. Then we talked to the Bushnell's for a bit and just hung out. Was a great day.

There's the week! Love you all. Have a happy new year this week, and stay awesome! :)

Elder Barlow

Found a pretty great license plate in the church parking lot. 


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