Change is Good!

Elder Harris and I
Hello y'all!! So transfers were this last week, and I remain in Casa Grande but with a new companion! Elder Grigsby got moved to Tempe and is now a zone leader!! My new companion is Elder Harris! He is super cool. He has been out about 13 months and is really upbeat, funny, and loves to work hard, which is a nice quality to have as a missionary. It was a little stressful to know that I am leading out this area, but it has gone well so far and the Lord has definitely helped me.

The Crew!

So to start off this last week, the old house crew got permission to go indoor skydiving. It was AWESOME!! We even got free dvd's and t-shirts. I want to do the real thing but apparently it might be dangerous so as missionaries we can't do it. ;) Anyways, that was one of the highlights of this week. 

Overall, this week was a little more difficult than normal. We had A LOT of cancellations, which is normal, but there were definitely more than usual. Also, Elder Harris knows nothing about this area so I have been making all the decisions while he gets to know the ward and the people we are teaching. That was different. 

Cool experience: we had a lesson with Alexa and Ashley, two new investigators and taught them the restoration. We shared the first vision with them and Ashley was in tears after we shared Joseph's experience. They saw this lesson as an answer to their prayers, and they are now on date to be baptized on New Year's Eve!! It was really cool and the Spirit could have knocked me out it was so thick.

Anyways, Jacob, one of our most progressing investigators, was able to come to church for the first time Sunday! He really enjoyed it and said he felt much better after coming. We had 14 people in gospel principles, which is 14 more than we had when I got here 3 months ago. It was really awesome. We are putting a huge emphasis on having more members at our lessons with us this week. We sent out a sign-up sheet for times people are available, and let's just say we will have to pass it around again. That is the biggest struggle we have right now.

Elder Harris and I are still working on our chemistry. We have two different styles of missionary work but are trying to find what clicks for us, but it has been a fun week. Elder Cleveland is still here and is training a new missionary, his name is Elder Cundick from Ogden (shoutout to Elder Peterson), and we are looking forward to working together this transfer. 

Love you all, thanks for the support and things that you do for me!! I love you, keep being awesome!!

Elder Barlow

P.S. Trevor's address is still 351 N. Peart Rd. Apt 1616, Casa Grande, AZ 85122


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