Call Me a Wedding Planner

What is up everybody!! 

So you might be wondering what my caption means so I will start with that this week. So our most progressing investigator is Jacob, and he is going to be baptized in about 3 weeks!! He is super excited and he wanted to be keeping all of the commandments so that he could feel the spirit more, so he and his now-wife Kristen decided to be married and told us they wanted to do it this week! So they told us this on Thursday night, so Elder Harris and I planned a wedding in 24 hours. It was crazy! We did it though. How many people can say that? Maybe more people than I think, but I felt pretty cool. Anyways, Jacob and Kristen are now married and living the law of chastity!! WOOOHOO!!!! Keep the commandments, everyone. They are pretty important, if I do say so myself.

So other than that this week was full of cancellations and some pretty interesting lessons. Tuesday we stopped by Ashley and Alexa who I talked about last week and found out that Ashley's husband was thrown in jail, so they have been struggling quite a bit. Satan really works hard on people once they start to feel the spirit. Dang it, Satan. Anyways, we offered to give her a blessing and we might stop by tonight to do that for her. We had a lesson with a new investigator named David, who is the happiest guy I have ever met. However, he was confused about whether we were Jehovah's Witnesses or not the whole time we talked about the Restoration, even though we told him numerous times that we weren't. He doesn't want to be baptized quite yet, but really wants to come to church next week! So that was interesting. Wednesday we had a great lesson with a less active named Ashlee and her daughter Hannah. Hannah is 9 and wants to be baptized, but wants to learn more first. She is so sweet and we are excited to keep teaching her this week. Thursday was Will's birthday!! So we bought him a card and some Reese's and took it to him in the middle of a pretty intense thunderstorm that lasted about two hours, so we had tons of fun driving through puddles for the rest of the day. That night we had a lesson with Scott and Barbara, who want to be baptized in December! Scott is pretty cautious so we aren't sure on a specific date yet, but stay tuned... Friday we had a lesson with Jesus who is a baller, and taught Skye, another 9 year old being baptized soon, about fasting. She told us she wanted us to sit by her on Sunday and she would bear her testimony, and she did! It was awesome. Saturday we spent most of the day getting ready for the wedding and made some visits to some part member families in the ward. Then the wedding went down, we had dinner with the Webb's. Sunday was awesome, I felt great fasting and the testimonies were really good. Skye's dad came to church for the first time ever, so that was really cool! We had a very interesting gospel principles class about the creation, in which false doctrine was brought up numerous times, that was a little frustrating but we brought it back and testified about how beautiful the earth is and that God created it because he loves us and wants us to return to love with him. It is so true. So that pretty much sums up the week.

Anyways, this past week i have been asked if I am voting too many times to count, and somehow gospel conversation always found its way back to politics no matter how hard we tried. It was not the best thing in the world. Let me just say that I love the gospel and I know that whatever happens after Tuesday rolls around, that living the teaching of Jesus Christ will overcome anything that may be coming our way. I know that to be true. Trust in God and in Christ, and we will be just fine. Trust me.

Love you all! Stay awesome and let me know if there is anything i can do for all of you! Love you!

Elder Barlow
"The Friendshippers" & "the Happy Couple"
Elder Barlow & Elder Harris, Bishop Goodman


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