A Great Time to Be Alive!

Hello everyone! :) It was so great to hear from all of you this week. Seems like Thanksgiving week went really well for all of you, just make sure to hit the gym to work off all that pie, am I right? ;) Anyways, I hope the holiday weekend went awesome for all of you! It went really well for me, too :) Here we go, this is the week for ya :) 

Monday - Played racquetball and taught Elder Harris how to play football for district p-day, it was tons of fun. Had a great lesson with the Beebe's and talked to Jesus (not Christ, someone we are teaching, just thought I should clear that up) a little more about prophets. He is still concerned about that, and we are working hard with him on it. Keep him in your prayers. 

Tuesday - Had district meeting, all we talked about was finding. It was interesting to hear everyone's ideas about different ways that you can find. I am definitely going to broaden my horizons this next week. Had another lesson with Jesus about prophets again, this one went a little better than Monday's lesson. Had dinner at the Morris', they are the most redneck people ever. Love them to death. Had a lesson with Maggie, the sweetest lady ever, and got Brother and Sister Beebe there. They basically helped her develop the desire to be baptized. She has a surgery tomorrow, so no word on a baptismal date yet. 

Wednesday - Did some service in Arizona City with Elder Watt (one of our zone leaders, they had exchanges) and we painted a member's house. I used a paint gun and felt like a boss. It was lots of fun. All of our lessons fell through so we spent a lot of time trying to find people who we haven't been able to get ahold of lately. Nothing too exciting. Also had a lesson with a crazy guy who spent most of the lesson talking about how he had seen visions and had been in 76 fist fights and only lost 16 of them. He might have met Muhammed Ali. Wait, but Carl is a short skinny white dude so that doesn't make sense. Missions are awesome. 

Thursday - Thanksgiving!!! It was awesome. Played in the turkey bowl in the morning, and our ward WRECKED! It was a flag football tournament, and our ward had a smaller team, but still took the title. It felt so good to play football again. I had 7 touchdowns, 3 interceptions (one being a game-winning pick 6), and just had tons of fun playing again. We had all youth other than myself, Elder Harris, and our Elders Quorum president Brother Dreyer. We had so much fun. Then we had dinner with the Evans family, (love them to death), then another dinner with the Plumb family, and then spent time in the apartment with the other Elders. It was a great day. Lots of pie and turkey and some killer corn and mashed potatoes. 

Friday - Finalized the baptism for Jacob, had dinner with the Bushnells, and then taught a Skype lesson to the Russells to make sure all was well for the baptism.

Saturday - JACOB GOT BAPTIZED! It was great to seen him finally be baptized. Brother Chase did the baptism and asked me to assist in the font because he has back problems, so I stood behind them and helped get Jacob back up after he was under the water. It was cool to get dressed in white. Didn't get any pre-baptism pictures though, the Russells were pretty late so we didn't have time. Got to see Elder Grigsby again though, and that was super nice. He is doing really well and it was really nice to talk to him again. Great day. Had dinner at Chick-fil-a. Delicious.

Sunday - Maggie came to church! Jacob got the gift of the Holy Ghost. We had a lesson with Jesus after church that was awesome, we followed the Spirit and helped answer some of his concerns about prophets, it was really cool. Revelation is real, everyone. Had dinner with the Lara's and it was super good. Tasted just like Cafe Rio. Also found out that Elder Cundick got his visa and is flying out tomorrow, so that was sad but happy. He is really excited and I will miss him a bunch. Elder Cleveland is heading up to Tempe to drop him off tomorrow morning, and then Elder Cleveland is picking up someone else who will be his new companion for the next week. Crazy crazy. It rained in the evening. I miss the rain so much! (Reference the picture above!) 

So there is the week for you! Thank you all for all that you do and your support in me being out here. I love you all and have a great beginning to the Christmas season this week :) 

Check out this Christmas video to see what you can do to focus on Christ more this Christmas!! :) 

Elder Barlow


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