And He's Off!

Early this morning, Elder Barlow said goodbye to his family and caught a flight to Utah...

It's not easy to say goodbye to your family and commit yourself to the service of the Lord for 24 months, and almost just as hard for the family! We KNOW that he is in the Lord's hands and we know he will be watched over and protected!

He's been ready to embark on this new adventure for several weeks, and he was excited to get going!

Fortunately, through God's tender mercy, he was able to sit by members of our church, who knew what it meant to be "going on a mission!" They we able to send this pic via Facebook almost as soon as the plane landed!

Then Camille and McKay picked him up at the airport, took him to breakfast, and then delivered him to the Missionary Training Center where he will spend the next 3 weeks before he leaves for the Arizona Tempe Mission.

He sent this email not long after arriving at the MTC:

Hello everyone!! I am at the Missionary Training Center safe and sound. I was the first guy in both my residency room and my classroom, so I got to pick both of my spots (pretty awesome, huh?). Anyways yeah this place is super friendly so far!! I mean I have only really been here for a little over an hour but everyone is friendly, and the two Sisters that will be teaching me are super nice and will be awesome I can already tell!! I haven't met my companion yet so you will hear about him on my p-day!! I haven't been told when it will be but you'll definitely hear from me in the next week ;) Love you all! Sorry it's so short but I only have about 10 minutes to email today haha. Miss you! Love you! 

Elder Barlow 

p.s. I feel so official with my tag now. I'm ready to take on the world ;)


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