Running Out of Time

Happy Monday everybody! Just so you know we are very short on time today. We have transfers stuff going on, so there are missionaries that need some help moving around and all that. Elder Jacobson and I are sticking it out for the next 6 weeks!! Wooo!

There were two cool broadcasts that happened this week! There was the “Be One” celebration on Friday. A celebration of unity and revelation! I saw about 5 minutes of it but the music was cool. I think that the concept of unity is not being emphasized much in the world today and we all need a little unity! What does it take to be unified? Humility! Life is not all about us, and that has been made very clear to me this week! :)

The other thing was a broadcast from President Russell M. Nelson, who we believe to be God's prophet on the earth today, and he spoke to the youth of the church. I didn’t watch that either, but I saw some of the challenges he gave to them: a 7-day fast from social media; praying for the blessing of Christ's gospel to reach all of God's children; to make a weekly sacrifice, once a week, of something important to you (video games, sports, TV etc) for the next three weeks; and even more good stuff. I think that is really powerful, when we look outwards and focus on helping other people, our needs are fulfilled. I repeat that so much, I know, but that is because there is no reason why we should be selfish and self-centered. I promise everyone that serving others will help you to be taken care of spiritually and temporally.

ALSO, one of the elders we live with has had some serious back problems this week, so they took our car and we have been biking it up all day, every day!! This is also the first week that it got over 110, so that was an adventure. Elder Jacobson got the firsthand experience of what it means to drink a lot of water :) haha, but it was a great week! 

Stay great everyone, have an amazing week! 

Elder Trevor Barlow
Arizona Tempe Mission
1871 E Del Rio Dr
Tempe AZ 85282


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