Inferno Week #3

Hello everyone!!! Things are STILL heating up here in good ol' Phoenix, Arizona. The high temperature for this week was a solid 117 degrees, and tomorrow it will reach 120! We discovered this week that the hotter it gets, the more people we find that just sleep. All day long. Not even kidding. We were out visiting tons of people this week and about 70% of them had someone answer the door, we asked for someone by name, their response was that they were sleeping. This is at 2 in the afternoon, 5pm, you name it. People sleep a ton during the summers here. Not us. No sleep for the missionaries. You can count on us.

Anyway, we had a pretty awesome experience this last week. We have been working with this guy named David, he is from Jamaica (shout out to my sister for serving there 🇯🇲). Davis is super awesome. We hadn't been able to contact him all week, so we felt prompted to go by last night after an appointment fell through in the neighborhood, and it was sweet. We stopped by, he let us in, and just opened up to us about all of the changes he had been making in his life to feel more peace. We talked to him about baptism, which he has been taught before, and he got super pumped and is now progressing towards baptism in July!! It was super awesome. The heat got nothing on David!

Other than that it was a pretty slow week. We kept pressing on and trying new things and we started seeing more results. We are teaching one crazy lady named Kimberly, we stopped to visit and had a conversation during which she was talking on the phone and playing fetch with her dog. We have NO IDEA how she was able to focus on what we were saying, but she answered all of our questions with these elaborate, way too deep kind of answers that blew me away. She wants us to come back next week to tell her about the Book of Mormon.

We also have been working with the Benjamin family recently. Sister Benjamin, the mom, is a life long member and she has four sons, two of which are baptized. We have been working with her and she has been coming to church every single week this month, and her son Chandler and I are pretty much the same person, so we connect super well. He is teaching himself guitar so I told him I would teach him some hymns this week. That should be awesome. Her 10-year old son is going to be baptized in a few weeks!!

Things are great, the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. I love this work. I love to be able to meet so many cool and crazy people, and make lasting relationships. I love Jesus Christ and I know he is our Savior, and I am so happy to learn more about him and help others to do the same. I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. Have a good week everyone!!


Elder Barlow


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