Inferno: Week #4

I survived. It reached a solid 125 degrees this week, but I am still here!! Haha!! Not today Satan. Just kidding. Anyways, I hope you all had an awesome week. Ours was pretty intense in a good way!

So to describe to you what it feels like to be a missionary in 120 degree weather, here is my description. The farthest distance we walked at one time was probably about 200 yards, and after that trek we were drenched in sweat. And once you start sweating, even with AC blasting for 45 minutes in a lesson, you just don't stop sweating and literally EVERYTHING is hot. I would get into the car to drive and burn my hands on the steering well. Legit. I have a blister. Don't worry, it only happened once because I learned my lesson. Anyways, you basically can't breathe and it feels like someone is constantly pushing you backwards as you walk, and there is no escape. That is essentially what Tuesday and Wednesday felt like. (This is the only weather calendar that I could find. Where Trevor is serving it was actually hotter than what is shown on this calendar!)

Regardless of the heat though, God provided for us!! We worked hard and were diligent and had some AWESOME experiences. We are teaching the Benjamin family and they are so awesome. I connect with them so well and they are the best. They made us delicious pasta on Thursday and we had a great lesson with one of the boys who is getting baptized in about a month.  They also came to the New Convert Devotional with us last night! They loved it, and afterwards the mom sent us a text saying that she and her son feel that we were sent to them for a reason. Those are always feel-good moments.

We also had a lot of opportunities to do service this week. We helped one family move out, they are moving to New York, and one family moved in from Utah. It was lots of fun, even in the heat, to be able to serve them and help them and see the burden that was taken from them. Serving and looking to help other people is awesome, so this week try to smile at everyone and open the door for someone every day! See how you feel afterwards!!

Love you all! Have a good week!

Elder Barlow

Our Jamaican investigator named David. He's a stud!


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