Happy Mother's Day!

 Best District in the mission! 
Hey everybody!!! I hope each of you had a fantastic week this week, and a Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!! You are all awesome. You are making a huge difference in the world, more than you know!!! We had an awesome week this week, lots of exciting things are happening!! 

First of all, we met a family this week who is super awesome. We saw these two kids mowing the lawn of a member of our church, so we stopped and talked to them for a bit. Their names are Warren and Kwas! They are both super studly guys, and we taught them about the church and we are now meeting with them and their sister and dad!! They should be progressing towards a baptismal date by the end of the week. They even came to church yesterday which was fantastic! It was super cool to see how hard working they are. We always see them out helping other people around them, mowing lawns, yard work, all of the above they are doing it! it is super cool. It makes me want to work harder. 

We had an awesome training for the mission leadership this week, a few leaders of the missionary department of the church came down and gave us a fantastic training on the Doctrine of Christ. Everyone was really excited and pumped for this training, expecting something huge, and it was really cool to see how they took it back to the basics and helped us understand that if we don't understand Christ's purpose or his teachings, then we can go nowhere in leading others to do that same thing, as leaders of other missionaries especially. So, don't over complicate things. 

Finally, we had a great exchange on Saturday, I went with Elder Heck! He is a new missionary who came out a few weeks ago, and he is awesome. The catch is it was a Spanish area so knowing that I don't speak Spanish, it was interesting!! It was cool to see how confident he was in his abilities, even though he knew he wasn't perfect and knows he has things to work on. When we accept our weaknesses and do what we can to work on them, and look to God to help us rather than relying solely on those who are more experienced, it makes a lasting difference. I know it is true.

Out of time, but you are all awesome!! Keep being the best people in the world, and let me know what I can do for you!! Have an awesome week!

Elder Barlow

Elders Francis, Moulton and I planning our training

Sneak peak of our Vlogging our hike this morning.


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