No Time to Waste

Hey everybody!! This week was pretty awesome. It was unorthodox, but still awesome. We were really busy, and we had lots of zone stuff to do since transfers were this week, so I was pretty anxious to get back out and work. We didn't have much time to find new people to teach, but we did teach quite a few lessons. So that was awesome. 

Here is our funny story from the week. Caution: it may be a little hard to ingest for some of you. Not really, but it is hilarious, so here is how it went down:

Saturday, May 27th. 2:15pm: Went by a potential investigator named Kenneth. As we approached the door, his brother came in behind us, walked in, and called for his mom. As soon as she stepped outside, we were done for. She went off on how we enslaved the black people of the world, and how it has been this way since the beginning of time. According to her philosophy, Adam and Eve were African-American, and they were deceived by the servant, who wasn't Satan, but a random white guy. Thus, the legend of deceit was born. She then went into detail about how we would feed black babies to alligators, and sell their skin for alligator shoes. Then she cited the Bible in which the Kingdom must fall, and the tables will turn. Apparently the white folk are going to be taken over after WWIII, and we will be enslaved, and our babies will be fed to alligators. We attempted to say that we were just trying to bring everyone together, and she wasn't buying it. She told us Jesus was our God, because he was white. She said he was black, and that we've been lied to, and that our time is coming. Thus, we walked away. 

So yeah, we had 3 or 4 experiences kind of like that, it was pretty awesome. Last night we met an intoxicated man who introduced himself as "Izadore. King Isadore." So that was pretty funny, we have a lesson with King Isadore tonight, that should be really awesome. I'll try to get a picture with him. 

On the spiritual side of things, we have an investigator who has had lots of concerns that came up during a lesson. It was a pretty trying experience for Elder Francis and I. We were pretty concerned about it all, but it helped me strengthen my testimony in the scriptures. The questions and objections she had, we were able to answer every single one of them with the scriptures. It was amazing. I knew that was possible before, but this really made it real/true for me, because the questions she had were questions I had never asked myself. It was awesome. I know the scriptures are given to us to answer our questions and to help us overcome hard times. Read the scriptures!!!

So I am low on time, but have an amazing week everyone!! We have a great week lined up so I should have some awesome things next week. You're awesome. Keep being fantastic people all around. 

Elder Barlow


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