The Heat of the Moment

Hey everyone!!! So, I don't have much time, but things are great here. I'll just get started fast.

This week we did two exchanges. The first one was with Elder Ocampo, who is from Conception, Chile, I think I spelled that right, but yeah. He is a Spanish missionary and being from Chile, he doesn't speak much English, so that was pretty intense overall. We had a really fun day. He taught me some Spanish, and we taught some lessons where I would teach in a English and he would in Spanish. Good thing most of our investigators are bilingual. Anyways, I couldn't understand most of what he taught, but the feeling I got when he taught was so cool. I couldn't help but smile as he spoke. I know the gospel, is true because I felt the power of it through a language I barely understand. It is so amazing. 

The second exchange was with Elder Christensen, one of the assistants to the President. It was so cool. He is such a great missionary and taught me so much. He served in this area a few months ago so he had lots of ideas of who to go see and what to teach some people. It was sweet.

Recently there has been lots of opposition with one of the people we are working with. It's funny how the adversary works, he works from the most unexpected sources sometimes. But something I definitely learned this week was that as long as we focus on keeping the commandments and trust God, no matter what comes our way, we are provided with a path to overcome them. Whatever any of you are struggling with, say a prayer and ask for help. I know it will make a difference in your life.

We had interviews with President Christensen this week, and they were awesome. We had some great conversation about the zone and about life, and something he always talks about is how amazing the work is. We have a privilege to live in this time on earth. We face many challenges, but that makes the joy that much sweeter. 

I love you all! Have a fantastic week and a great Mother's Day to all of you out there!

Elder Barlow
(Sorry, pictures are coming next week)

P.S. The reason for the title is Phoenix had record high temperatures last week.  117 degrees (or something like that) for a May. Should be a fun summer!


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